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New type vocab questions expected in CET IBPS POAll Cetking books mocks and shortcuts are updated as per new paper pattern shown below.
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Directions: In the question given below few sentences are given which grammatically correct and meaningful. Connect them by the word given above the statements in the best possible way without changing the intended meaning. Choose your answer accordingly from the options to form a correct, coherent sentence.

1. But
(A) With platform companies sponging off advertising revenue and ISP providers getting the power to convert cyberspace into a controlled premium space, it looks like the Internet is set to lose its status as rebel angel.
(B) In case of Net Neutrality debate, the associated statistics and analysis despite available in humongous amounts clearly show no signs of favoritism making the numbers irrelevant.
(C) Internet facilitated easy communication, broke the monopoly of the one-to-many format to create a many-to-many structure, and democratised the communication universe.
(D) When a tragedy of immense proportion is unfolding, it is literature that provides clues and means to deal with it.
(a) Only C-A (b) Only D-B (c) Both A-C & D-B
(d) Both D-B & C-A (e) No connection possible

2. Moreover
A. such as wind-driven dust and unpaved roads, will be watered at least twice a day.
B. implementation of concrete mitigating measures to tackle environmental issues that arise due to the construction work on various projects
C. Any increases in the noise level that stems from the construction activity should not go higher since the project area is already a noisy environment.
D. a noise control plan should be prepared. This will ensure that equipment noise is reduced at source through proper designs and maintenance and by repairing construction machinery and equipment with the promise to ensure as far as possible that construction activity near schools would be conducted during their vacation period.
(a) Only D-A (b) Only B-A (c) Only A-C
(d) Only C-D (e) No connection possible


1. Ans(d) Sol. Correct choice is option D.
2. Ans(d) Sol. Option D is the correct choice. C and D is the correct combination. The paragraph suggests that increase in noise level should not go higher and a noise control plan should be prepared.

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