SIIB cutoff
EXAM Scores Accepted: SNAP
Expected cutoff for Open Category (in percentile): 90%ile approximately
Please Note: This is tentative cutoff, Please check the latest cutoff from the college.

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SIIB WAT PI GD PI Experiences

Vikram Kudale. SIIB, Pune. Interview Date: 11th February
Group Exercise: The topic for our group exercise was “Our performance in Olympics.” The group discussion started off well for me as I had few things on my mind to put up there and made a good impact which was crucial. Also, since it was recent it was one of the topics I was expecting to come for Group discussion round. Lucky me!
WAT Topic: In this round there was an image shown to us and then taking a good look at it for about 30 seconds, we would comprehend and write as much as we could about it. So this particular that we saw was precisely about “Cleanliness in India”. Several characters in the image were seen to be doing one thing or the other that would relate to cleanliness in a city and then in 4 and half a minute I wrote a small composition, sort-of, like what is to be taken away from this image and what can be the thought behind it and so on. I did fairly-okay. I must be honest, that was something I didn’t get well along with at the time. Should have done better!!
PI Interview: Well, this is the most crucial for selection and I was lucky to have certain, say, skill set or the core knowledge about my field which help me get through it soothingly than I thought.
In the beginning there were certain questions which are expected such as:
Introduce yourself? , why MBA? , Why SIIB? , etc.
Interviewing panel would mostly take the lead for their next question by the answers received from the previous question, as it was some sort of que for the upcoming!! I was relived cause being a son of farmer and being involved in farming activities certainly I was benefitted when the questions were within those areas.
Overall, it was an amazing experience.
Special Advice: I would say that it is more important that one should focus more on their areas of interest and to know in-depth about it because the interviewer would always want to test you on what you know best or what you think your strength is. Also get to know more about the discipline you have selected in your application and any recent affairs related to it. As for group exercise don’t overdo anything just simply do the general topics, out of the box is somewhat not expected to come, in my opinion. After all it would be a tough task to judge some candidates views and thought process on a topic he/she doesn’t completely understand.

Shivangi Rathore
SIIB, Pune
Interview Date: 10th February

Group Exercise: The topic for our group exercise was “Environment or technology? Which is more important?” The group is of 10 candidates… it is easy put out your view on such topics .. whatever you choose to utter .. make sure it’s worth to note for that topic .. and within the scope of it.
WAT Topic: An image was shown to us for like.. 30 seconds and I had to write up some content… it had to be coherent with the image and more or less …. Explanation for the image … like whats going on in it and like .. what it is about or so .. It was relatively easy but I had to finish it up in 4 ½ minutes …. Which is slightly daunting task IMO.
PI Interview: Entering the interview room.. quite nervously .. the interview began with very simple and expected questions like… why mba ??? why SIIB?? And why MBA?? Other than these questions … there were important questions on Economics .. bank rate , repo rate and stuff … and one or two demonitisation related question .. which were expected .. Other than that .. question based on what I like or about industry were asked .. which I answered gladly and well .. comparatively.
Special Advice: Going in nervously in interview room is the last thing you would want to do… Just be confident of what you know and believe it to be enough to get you through.. Also I was 3rd on the waiting list and didn’t make it .. so it’s better to consider other options if you are far off on waiting list .. ALL THE BEST!!

  • My experience @ SIIB
    10th Feb, 11.15 slot
    My GD/PI No.: 1U4
    Calls: IB, AB, E&E;First thing I noticed was the clean and compact academic campus.Process started around 11am with registration. We were handed over a folder which had the neatly laid out schedule for the day and an application form. There were SOP type questions in it. It took quite some effort and time for all the candidates to complete this form.

    After sometime we were taken to the awesome auditorium of the institute for the SIIB presentation. It was the same presentation which was there in “Crack it with SIIB” event. After a short Q&A; session, we were taken to the first floor.

    Business started with a group activity wherein we were asked to tie a knot in a rope collectively without speaking to each other. The group was sub-divided into teams of 3 each for this group task. We were confused in the beginning regarding the objective of this “rope-task”. But realized later that only group dynamics was being examined, not the ability to complete the task.

    Then came the case study based GD. Case study was on UID project. There were 4 questions after the case let which were to be discussed. Everyone in the group contributed to a healthy and meaningful discussion. There were a few aggressive ones though.

    After some wait, we were taken to another class-room for essay writing. Only one side of the sheet was to be used and the time limit was 20 minutes. My topic was “Literary Freedom: What is the limit?” Easy topic from current affairs. But the space constraint was the trick here.

    After lunch break, we had the PI. Two ladies in the panel. Almost all the questions were regarding my work-experience (3 years @ ICICI Bank in Trade Finance).
    You seem to be doing good in your job, why MBA now?
    Tell me a situation when you had a conflict with the values/practices of your organization.
    How often are you able to meet customers’ expectations?
    Why is the pricing of trade finance products different for different customers? Isn’t it unethical?
    What have you done to improve your team’s performance?
    Why do you want to return to Banking after your MBA?
    What are your views about recent Salman Rushdie row?

    Interview was good, but I was grilled for my honest and straight forward answers regarding work-ex.

    I want to confess one thing here: Our group (1U) had an unfair advantage over others because we had Mani Bhardwaj as our group mentor during the entire process. He is an awesome leader and an inspiring human being. He guided each one of us extremely well and gave his stress-busting advices as and when they were required. Kudos to Mani! I would definitely love to be his junior.

    The entire process was over by 3pm. It was a nice experience for me and I thoroughly enjoyed being on campus. Thanks to the well organized and neatly co-ordinated plan by the admissions team!!



  • SIIB GD PI Experiences Let me make it clear that this may provide no indication of what the process is going to be like this year. I can relate to what you must be going through now because, a year ago, I was pretty much like most of you are. Let me share it with you if you feel it’s going to help.Group Discussion
    It was a case study on a for-profit NGO. Close to 8 students were there in my group. Ten minutes were given to read through the one page long case and analyse the same to come up with points related to the two questions asked.I knew I was not the best starter. I believe, starting a GD is a double-edged sword. If one can start off well, nothing like it. It gives a very good impression. However, if one goofs up, it’s just the opposite. My GD was good. I made 3-4 entries and made valid points.

    For people who wish to start, please do not start off “I think this NGO should be doing this…blah blah… I think…” This is the common mistake I’ve seen students committing. I feel one should provide a background to the case. For example, “We’ve a case on hand about ABC, an NGO in the town of Tirupur in Tamil Nadu. They are involved in the export of garments etc…” Then, discuss the facts of the case and make one point of analysis. By the time, I’m sure one student would interrupt you.

    Group Task
    The same group of 8 students moved to the Group Task. We were given a sheet that said that we’re stranded in the middle of the sea and that out of 10, we need to select 6 items of choice which would help us reach the shore. The idea of a GT, I feel, is to evaluate how a student works in a group – how he/she puts forth his/her views to the others and how he/she manages to convince them of the same. Your performance also reveals the ability to be accommodating and enable things move forward, and not stagnate. It’s all about group dynamics.

    My suggestion – please do not be rude to anyone, ensure you help the group decide on the 6 items within the allotted 10-20 mins. Appreciate your fellow group mates when they make valid substantiations etc… That shows you in good light.

    Written Evaluation
    If I’m right, I was asked to summarize a more than 1000 worded essay to 250 words. It was an essay about Water Conservation.
    I suggest you absorb what the essay conveys. Structure the summary well. Please do not repeat what is there in the essay. Keep track of the word limit.
    It’s always calculated as (avge no of words per line) X no of lines

    Personal Interview
    1. Tell me about yourself
    I started with my Engineering. “I completed Mechanical Engineering from SRM College, Chennai. Worked for 2 years at a coaching institute… Then hobbies and interests…”

    Suggestions: No specific answer – there is no right/wrong. Be clear about what you want to say and say the same with 100% confidence. The marks awarded is a function of your body language, confidence level etc…

    2. Why MBA in IB?
    Talked about globalization. Global perspectives that I would get here. Talked how about how I could make a better contribution to the organization after acquiring relevant business knowledge from SIIB.

    Suggestions: Again, no specific answer – there is no right/wrong. Be clear about what you want to say and say the same with 100% confidence. The marks awarded is a function of your body language, confidence level etc… But, substantiate every word of what you say.

    3. If you were offered admission, what would you specialize in?
    I said “It’s early to take a call on that. I quite appreciate the curriculum here; it helps me get exposed to the offerings in the first year, understand the different areas and then narrow down on one. But, having said that, from my understanding of business as on date, HR is something I’m good at and interested in.”

    By mistake, I blurted out “…I’m good at…”

    4. She shot back, “what makes you say you are good at HR?”
    I substantiated w.r.t my experiences at work. I’ve the penchant to understand human behaviour, love dealing with people issues – the different questions my students come up with…some more gyaan..”

    5. “Who do you think will win the 2011 Cricket World Cup and why”

    My interview lasted for not more than 15 minutes.

    Final thoughts:
    1. Do not get influenced by what I have written. You have your own way of framing answers and dealing with the interviewer. That, I feel, will make you feel comfortable.
    2. Keep it simple. Just do whatever you can and give your best shot.
    3. Remember, performance to potential is in your control but not final selection. So, please do not worry about the result. Just do your best and leave the rest to God.
    4. Please ensure you are here 15 minutes before the mentioned time. That helps


  •  SIIB GD PI Experiences Time for my experience. Will not be posting the topic names as looking at the previous posts, it seems topics get repeated, but, as I said in my previous exp, if someone can confirm this isn’t so, I’ll be glad to edit my post and add the topic names.EDIT – Since the process has ended for all today, I have added the topics.Date – 05/02/2012
    Venue – SIIB
    Time – 11.15AM

    – The process starts off with an identity verification in the main entrance hall, where you are to show your SNAP Admit Card, E-Mail Printout and an ID Proof. Then, you are given your group number tag and a file with a form. The form basically has just all your personal details to be filled, and 2 questions – Achievements in Academics and Extra Curriculars and Describe Yourself. You are expected to fill this up entirely before the PI

    – Then, you proceed to the auditorium, where you are given a presentation of SIIB by the seniors (The presentation was damn well designed – Extremely innovative!), followed by a Q and A session (Just 2 allowed then, but don’t worry, you have the entire day to ask them anything)

    – There are two rounds here, one called a Group Task, and the other, a Group Discussion

    GT – In this, you are given a sort of task to perform (Related to arts and crafts for our group – my low point ), and are expected to complete it in the given time frame (15 minutes). The topic for our group was to create an unbroken ring from a single sheet of A4 paper, that is wide enough to pass through two people standing next to each other or facing each other. The condition was it had to be unbroken, and you couldn’t join the paper in anyway. Since craft has always been my weak point, couldn’t really do much here, but, still, I believe we came pretty close. Ultimately, our group couldn’t complete the task, but, I guess the final outcome doesn’t matter here – Just your group dynamics, ideas and participation. The panel here was super cool.

    GD – A standard GD which may be a Case study or may be from a factual topic. Our group got a “mix” of the two, i.e. the page was presented as a case study, but, really, it was a totally factual topic. The topic given to us was presented as a case study. It had a paragraph on the Indian economy, how it was totally service derived, and agriculture was getting more of a raw deal. In the end, it had 3 questions we had to discuss:
    1: Is service based growth needed for our country?
    2: Is the dwindling of agricultural contribution to GDP a case of policy failure?
    3: How will you balance the policies to benefit all? (Something like that)

    You get 15 minutes to discuss, and after that, everyone has to summarize the GD in 30 seconds (Make sure you do complete it in the given time frame – The panel was cutting short people who were overstepping the time limit)

    WAT and DV
    – GE’s are followed by the Written Test, which is a standard essay writing test. You are given 20 minutes and have to write approx 20 lines on a topic, which is normally factual, and, you are supposed to “Express your views” on it. After getting 10/15 minutes for other essays, in which we had to fill 2 A4 sheets, 20 minutes for a single A4 sheet side seemed too long a time. The topic given was “Has the RTI Movement proven to be successful?”

    – The WAT is followed by Document Verification. Not too stringent. Just make sure you have attested copies of all your marksheets, work exp docs and category docs if applicable

    – The last step in the process, the one downer in my view is that PI waiting times can get excessive, so make sure you do something to keep your concentration up. I caught a bit of the (dismal) India Australia ODI in the cafeteria. In fact, the process was getting so delayed, the panels were keeping stopwatches to ensure one particular PI doesn’t last over 15 minutes, and the process gets completed on time.

    – That apart, the PI was great, but, it got off on the wrong note. The lady asked me for a CV, and I wasn’t carrying one…. (Try and carry your CV if you have one, it may just come in handy at this stage). It was a standard HR type interview as is the case pretty much everywhere else. Sample questions:
    * Explain the meaning of your name (Answered it for the 3rd time in 4 PI’s)
    * Tell about your family
    * Future goals – Long discussion on that
    * Why MBA
    * Why SIIB
    * Other Calls (Tried to be diplomatic, but I guess they know it. Practically said it that if you are selected in SCMHRD, then why SIIB? Tounge-Tied, as expected)

    That’s about. It lasted barely 7-8 minutes, probably because they were in a hurry to get things done.

    Other Thoughts
    – At the beginning, along with the file with the form, you get a detailed time table as well. For the 11.15AM slot, the time the process is expected to get over is 4.45PM. (Normally happens till 4PM)

    – Seniors were awesome people. For a change, they were dressed casually, and they went out of their way to answer any queries you may have had. Had a great chat with Vishal. Cheers buddy. :cheers:

    With that, my mini-marathon of 3 Symbi GE/PI’s in 3 days comes to an end. Tired, but there is a feeling of satisfaction, no idea why.


  • MY experience for the process goes like:-
    TIME SLOT-8.45AM
    ENDED AT- 1AMAs mentioned in the previous posts the 1st step was registration,, where they give you an id and a form to fill(which acts like your cv for the pi),, so mention things only that you know pretty well…… registration was followed by a 15 min presentationGT:
    we had 6 people in the group and the task was related to making “something”(name i am not mentioning) in 15 mins….. we used everything given and made it easily on tym….

    GT was followed by GD where a case study was given and we had to discuss among ourselves as well as give a summary at the end. lasted for half hour and the topic was somewhat connected to libya and iran

    easiest of them all…… an very easy topic to write for in 20 mins….

    it was 30-35 mins for me(heared it was the longest so far and i was the 2nd one in my group.
    they asked only the current affair questions in the starting related to my background(ece) like 2g,3g than lokpal
    then moved to my hobbies,,what did u do after,, my families background,, my native places,, why ib,why siib , what other calls…… in short everything except my academics was asked::
    Not grilling not tiring(30 min tak non stop bolna)

    a very good experience,,, excellent seniors,,,excellent procedure
    all the best to others..


  • hi friendscame back from the gd/pi interview just now. good experience i’ll say.
    i was at 8 30 slot and went for 5 hoursanyways coming to the process. first thing is they’ll register you and give u funny id card to hang on your pocket. then your mentor(a senior) will come and assist you and hats off to all of them.they not only guided us but actually helped us in best possible way. well after that a 10 min presentation. and then anything may happen according to the availability. i mean there is no order for gd pi group task and essay writting.i had my pi first.

    PI:two very friendly person who’ll make sure that you are comfortable sitting there took my interview. then start with the normal question.
    Why SIIB goals strength weaknesses etc etc.
    the ‘describe yourself column’ in your 4 page cv was there focus for the remaining time.(so dont try to be over smart while writing it.) They were asking questions regarding hobbies too… for eg
    on playing chess.(one of the hobby i mentioned)
    Int: good. who is the current No 1
    me : anand
    int: did he lost any tournament off late
    me: no idea
    on watching movies
    Int: which movie did you see last
    me: guliver travels
    int: English!! so you like watching English movies
    Me: yes sir
    Int: which movie of 2010 you think might win an Oscar.
    me: ah um aaaaa ……… mmmmmm..(trust me i couldnt even recall the movies which released in 2010… lol)
    (bottom line is dont go unprepared like me)
    then finally he asked why you think you are an optimistic guy (which i mentioned in that page) and i yapped something…

    that was it.15 to 20 min

    After the interview was over we were taken for documents verification
    where refreshment was provided wafers brownie(i guess it was that only saw someone eating) samosa and tea (self service so take ant aaram se).. we were sitting in the room chit chatting and when the last boy was called for his document verification suddenly they asked us to write a synopsis of an article provided by them.. within 25 min.
    After that we were taken for group task where we were divided in groups of 2 or 3 and given some puzzle kind of question. which our group couldnt solve… it was very simple though. but i guess the team effort and discussion while solving was more importent than actually solving it(my personal view).

    anyways now came the last part GD.. it was a case study thing so kind of easy. we were 9 people. total 30 min. 5 min reading the case 20 min for discussion and 5 min for summarising. each candidate was ask to summerise it and was given 30 sec exact to do that. we had nothing to write in that..(that was relief)
    well the process was over and we all came out


  • Back from GDPI..Posting my experience..First of all i would like to thank the management and seniors..for conducting GDPI in such a smooth manner..thanks guys..Had my schedule at 10:45 am..
    Reached the venue by 10..Registration started by 10:30..My ID was 1M-1..Mentors were allocated to each group..

    Started with a presentation session..with SIIB seniors handling questions..good experience..

    Then it was group task..which involved prioritising things required for survival..whilst one is in the middle of pacific ocean..and we have a raft o get back to our destination..

    My Co-aspirants were really good and no scene of fish market was created,good coordination between the team members and everyone allowed each other to express her/his points..Thanks guys..Hope to c u all again at SIIB..

    Then we were sent for GD..It was basically a case study on a NGO firm..whether it should convert itself into a profitable organisation..No fish market..everyone spoke..

    Then Essay writing..2 page passage was given..Water conservation..had to write a synopsis in 15 lines..

    Then we went for lunch..

    PI started at 2:30..
    In my panel 2 prof’s were there..both above 50..
    Started with..tell me something abt urself which is not written in the application form..then why MBA..what have u learnt from your wrk background..hobby..why E & E..why MBA after working et al..

    Overall a nice experience..Thanks to seniors and my group members..


  • I’d slot of 9:15AM and I’d reached there by 8:45AM. The campus good enough but fares are really high…Registration started by 9:00AM and then orientation started and then I was introduced to my group mentor, Prashant.The very first activity was group task. In which there were three cups, the extreme ones were inverted and then center one was facing upwards. We were asked, a group of 5, to get all the three cups facing upwards in 3 moves.The task was done in less than 5mins.

    Followed by Case-study cum GD. The situation given was food prices and CPI scenario in India and 3 suggestion were given to counter it. We were asked to discuss about the point which was most appealing. Before starting GD the moderator has strictly said that it should not become fish market and everybody should get a chance to speak. But as you all know….koi kuchh b kyun na bole hum toh bol kar hi moderator stepped in once to cool the situation and asked the participants, who couldn’t get chance, to speak. Then he asked how many people supported a/b/c and then asked for the reasons individually.

    Then it was followed by Individual activity. A 2 page article was given on water pollution and water management and et al and we were asked to write a synopsis on the same in 15 lines. It was quite easy. Keep in mind one thing…before you start writing anything make a rough frame of your draft and feel free to underline the main points in the paragraphs.

    Then document verification and snacks- samosa, waffers and tea.

    Finally PI…
    A panel of 2 people. I was asked to introduce myself and then asked me questions on my achievements. Then the gentleman started… Yes Mr.Joshi you are from agri background then why do you want to go for IB..hmmm…. I said to have global exposure and know how of biz at international level and et al…. but no….. he was so stuck at offering me AB that he finally said I am giving you admission to AB right now, you give-up your IB preference…then when I said that sir I prefer IB over AB then he said I stuck-off your name from IB then… Then finally he managed to smile and that concluded my interview!
    All I suggest is be yourself. Speak what you know and accept your ignorance. ATB!

    PS: Take utmost care in filling SIIB form. know about every word you write in your achievements and yourself. Seniors are really awesome! Excellent at stress-bursting skills

    Verdict: Selected for SIIB-AB and waitlisted in IB


  • GEPI Date:- 6 Jan
    • Time:- 09:45 am
      GDPI ROLL NO.:- 4S-1Reached there at 8:30 am so was asked to chill out in cafeteria in the new campus!!
      Saw many parents waiting in the campus….n missed my parents n remembrd that in India nt only a student bt his whole family gives every exam outside the campus…..miss u ma pa!!!Okie nw my slot tym came n we were assigned a fren lyk Team leader (Manish,1st year IB) who eased the tension and answered some of my random queries!!

      Then we were taken for the presentation and Q & A round with seniors abt the course n trust me guys they will answer any lame question!!

      Now GT started n the case was that a plane crashed and 10 people are left n they have to carry 10 things out of 12 alongwith them to nearby city and we were asked to priorities which article should come first…..n then HAPPY BDAY HO GAYA….our group started to behave lyk we were in a fish market…and the panel said us to leave the room aftr 15 minutes only!!!
      Nice start dude!!!!

      Now thanks to the big disaster in GT GD was a good discussion and every 1 was allowed to speak on the topic( US & CHINA ROLE in today’s World)…went good so smile on the face came back and realised that nw Synopsis n PI can break or save my chances..ok moving on…

      Synopsis of a 2 page article(About US & INDIA) was asked to be written in 15 lines….

      Nw verification of documents was done n guys chill if u frgt smth dnt wry u’d be given chance to arrange the Xeroxes or they would js ask u to submit the docs if u r selected!!
      So relax!!

      Okie so at 2:30 sharp my PI started and I ws the frst one(4S-1) to enter the Danger zone…

      As I am from Bihar the panel asked me questions pertaining to Bihar,Why IB, and some Marketing Questions and then NICE meeting you PARTH SARTHI…
      My PI lasted for around 30 mins and was more of a kind of Interaction between me an panel and my views on their statements…so that was it!!

      I have no idea hw i performed and hope the result to be in my favour!!!

      Thank You!!!


  • GEPI DATE: 5-02
    • GEPI TIME: 11:15 am
      VENUE : SIIB’s new campusFirst we had a case study.It went well.Everyone got a chance to speak and none of us created a fish market.
      Next was the worst part-the group task. We were given some pieces which we had to join and construct a ‘T’ from them.A person in our group had done the same thing a few days ago so was getting hyper excited to do the task.The person took away all the pieces and started creating the structure without letting us touch them
      It’s ok.It happens when one knows something and can’t see others doing it the wrong way.
      Then came essay writing and document verification.
      And at the end was the PI.
      The panel consisted of a ma’am(M) and a sir(S).They asked for my admission form.The interview is based entirely on the last two questions of it.I’ll denote myself as ICG.
      M: oh my my!So many things you’ve done.
      S: Poetry, painting, cooking, playing chess and badminton, french debating…why so much versatility?
      M: What drives you?
      ICG:Ma’am it’s the pursuit to enhance my knowledge and to become a better individual that drives me.
      S :You’ve written that you paint.What kind of paintings do you paint?what canvas do u use?
      ICG:Sir,I draw figurative paintings and the canvas usually is the ivory sheet.
      S :What are the other types of paintings?have you tried any other kind of painting?
      ICG:Nib paintings,miniature paintings,wall paintings,acrylic paintings,etc.I have tried nib painting and acrylic painting but my forte is water colour,figurative painting.
      M :Have you won any prize?
      ICG:yes ma’am.I was awarded by Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam in an international painting cpmpetition.60,000 countries had participated in it.I won a merit award.
      M :That’s wonderful.Why don’t you take up painting as a profession then?Why mba?
      ICG:ma’am painting is just a hobby.A leisure time activity.I don’t wish to make money out of it.Then gave the reason for ‘why MBA’
      S :What do u intend to do after mba?
      S :What is that one thing that you don’t have but you want to own?
      ICG:Ummm…mercedez benz (couldn’t think of anything else except this.Both M&S; started laughing!)
      S :You’ve written cooking is your hobby.tell me what do you know?
      ICG:I know most of the Indian dishes and a few chinese recipes too.
      S :tell us the recipe of something you made recently.
      ICG:Told the recipe of fried idlis!
      S :Yeh toh bada easy tha.even I can make this
      Tell us something difficult.
      ICG:Told the recipe of paneer pasanda
      M :Very good!what do you do when you are stressed out?
      ICG:I play with my 1year old niece.
      M : Very nice.Do you think your work-ex helped you?
      ICG:Told what all I learnt from my job.
      M :Suppose we ask you to teach financial terminologies to the seniors of SIIB.How will you react?
      ICG:Ma’am i’ll take the responsibilty and will make sure that I do not leave any stone unturned to explain the terminologies satisfactorily.
      M :Wouldn’t you feel scared that how can I teach my seniors?
      ICG:No ma’am.I wouldn’t.The more we spread knowledge,the more it increases.So,i’ll take the responsibility happily.
      M&S: ok ICG! Nice to meet you. You have a bright future! ATB
      ICG: Thank you teachersA well organised process it was.



  • Hope you all have performed well in GE/PI. Well, here goes my experience…Date: Feb 13
    Time: 08:15 am
    Group Id: 3AC-3after finishing with registration, process started with a presentation of SIIB (an impressive video) followed by a Q&A; session. Then my group’s mentor (Ajay) took us for GT.

    GT was about solving a puzzle. Our group (7 people) was further divided into groups of 2 people each and we all were given a common agenda. Apart from this, a secret agenda was also given to each and every sub-group. So, all in all we’ve to accomplish our common agenda and our secret agenda. We were not supposed to utter a word during the whole task.

    Activity was good. We all were able to achieve the common agenda but some of the sub-groups (including mine) couldn’t achieve the secret agenda. Overall it was a good experience.

    Next, we went for GD. Topic was something related to future of bio-fuels in India and its impact on current crops. GD was ok. We went off-topic at times, but some good points were discussed.

    Followed by GD, we went to a classroom to write Synopsis of 15 lines (About Rise in Onion Prices in India). I finished quite early and tried to capture all important points.

    Finally, comes the PI. Two charming ladies (L1 and L2) and the next charming guy, Me (M) .

    L1 : Devesh, could you tell me about UID ?
    M : Told
    L1 asked some questions related to it, was not able to answer one question well.
    L1 : Ok, so what kind of work you do in your IT company.
    M : Told.
    L2 : Why SIIB ?
    M : Told and tried to convince them.
    L1 : What all verticals are there in your company ?
    M : Told.
    L1 : If not MBA this year, then what are your plans.
    M : Told
    L2 : Ok, do you want to ask any question to L1
    M : Yes, i asked about Student Exchange Programme in SIIB.
    L1 and L2 : Ok Devesh, Thank You.
    M : Thanks you ma’am .

    So, i guess it went around 15 mins. Don’t know how it went overall. I guess i was ok. Rest, fingers crossed. 😛

    I would like to thank SIIB seniors for organising a smooth process for GEPI and also a big thanks to Harsha Kolluru and Rahul Dake for solving our queries via this forum. SIIB seniors rock !!

    A good campus with a shining infrastructure. Forget to mention, my document verification happened after synopsis and before my PI.

    Overall a nice experience. Thank you SIIB !!

About the college “Symbiosis Institute of International Business (SIIB) was established in 1992 as an autonomous Institute. Today, SIIB is a constituent of Symbiosis International University (SIU) and is one of the highly acclaimed business schools in the country. It has been recognized as a B- School that combines an excellent academic foundation with a strong leadership perspective. In an increasingly globalized world, SIIB is ahead of the curve. The pioneering work in commencing focused MBA programs in International Business (1992), Agri-business Management (2004), and Energy & Environment (2009) has been lauded by industry. This foresight has proved very valuable for organizations that seek global managers in diverse functional areas. SIIB therefore has a strong track record of excellent placements.

The Symbiosis Institute of International Business was founded in 1992 as Symbiosis Institute of Foreign Trade (SIFT). As the global business world expanded tremendously, the founders felt the need to pro-actively transform the institute from one of foreign trade to an all-encompassing ‘International Business’ and hence SIFT metamorphosed into Symbiosis Institute of International Business (SIIB).

It was not only the name of the institute that underwent a change but also its aim which became more wider to cover global aspects as it moved to a brand new campus equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure. Such changes were welcomed and appreciated by one and all in the following years. In the process, SIIB won much coveted accreditations making it one of the preferred destinations for MBA education in India.

Today, SIIB stands as one of the premier business schools in the country. Through all these years it has provided students not only a strong academic foundation but also ensured a smart personality along with instilling in them a holistic approach to become a good citizen of the country.

The institute can boast of 100% placements since its inception in leading companies around the country and around the globe that is reflected through an array of our alumnus spread across diverse geographical domains.

SIIB is also recognized as the center for two more elite programs MBA (AB) Agri Business which began in 2004 and MBA (E&E) Energy & Environment, a niche program which was launched in 2009 to cater to the latest energy and environmental needs by way of providing round the clock updated and upgraded syllabi and mapping the same with the corporate needs so that our students have an edge in not only placing themselves but also in becoming entrepreneurs.

In 2002, the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India conferred the “”Deemed to be University”” status on Symbiosis, and further in 2006 the UGC vide its notification withdrew the word Deemed and renamed the University as Symbiosis International University (SIU). SIU is accredited by NAAC with ‘A’ Grade. For more details on SIU, please visit Symbiosis International University
The diversity of programs, with the pivotal fulcrum of International Business has helped to create a unique synergy in the curriculum, besides bringing to the campus young and vibrant minds from different disciplines and fostering a healthy exchange of ideas. Briefly, therefore, SIIB has a unique advantage to train young professionals to take on the challenges of global commerce in the domestic as well as in the international arena.

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    I have 2 backlog in my last year which will be cleared in the march(2017) attempt. Will it affect my PI? Can i survive the PI? I have 2 diploma certificates with some sports benifits also a NGO certificate.

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