How to tackle no. 1 enemy Silly Mistakes

How to tackle no. 1 enemy Silly Mistakes

How to tackle no. 1 enemy Silly Mistakes – In CAT 2016

Well it isn’t a life or death situation to make a silly mistake in some problem; to err is human, we all have made certain brainless mistakes sometimes in our lives – not being able to get that focus, taking the small steps for granted and thus skipping them, or just unknowingly writing the wrong thing for the right one, despite knowing it well. But when things come to something as serious as CAT a miniscule of a slip up brings upon a trouble way too grave. All that hard work of sleepless nights pays off when you solve the questions correctly and must not go in vain just because you clicked the wrong option or because you missed a step or two.

For serious CAT aspirants it is not the lack of their knowledge, as seen most often but rather the very undesirable yet so unavoidable “silly mistakes”. Silly mistakes are so silly and so into our habit that they are often overlooked. But for those who wish to improve their scores it’s a necessity that these silly mistakes are analyzed, studied and tracked properly.

Record your Errors-

It is seemingly, a tedious task to record each and every mistake you’re making, but at the same time an investment. You need to record your mistakes that you might be making in topics like Data Sufficiency, Problem solving, Ratios, Probability etc. writing them down will be somewhat primitive, it’ll be better if you used spreadsheets.
What exactly are you tracking?

• Problem Type- firstly look for the type of problem that you’re solving.
i.e.; Problem solving, Data sufficiency, Verbal, etc.
• Subtopic- what subtopic is it? Say; Geometry, Algebra, Ratios and PC, etc.
• Mark the source, so that that problem could be revisited.
• Put the error under conceptual or careless.

Here comes the crucial part! Conceptual and careless have different remedies or say fixes. You need to put a line between them and find a repair accordingly.

Here’s a list of some mistake types, to start with.
Conceptual mistakes:
• Problem not understood- it happens with most of us when we don’t get what actually we’re asked to do.
• Rephrasing- Although you got the gist but still failed to read between the lines.
• Formula part- forgot what the formula or rule was to that problem.
• Applied the right formula at the wrong place!

Careless mistakes:
• Reading the problem in haste thus ruining it all.
• Putting the given value into the wrong variable.
• Mistake in calculations.
• Performed a wrong operation i.e.; addition in place of subtraction.
• Scribbled something that you couldn’t get and thus misread it.
• Got it right, but clicked the wrong option (mother of blunders!).

It’s never too late or early to start something of worth. There’s a pattern in these blunders that you make. Identify and practice enough to avoid them. Once you finish this successfully there’s nothing stopping you from cracking the CAT 2016 exam.

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