SNAP 2016 form filling which colleges to apply

SNAP 2016 form filling which colleges to apply

SNAP 2016 form filling which colleges to apply

Unlike cat where it’s common fees for all IIMs, snap charges separate fees for all their colleges.. And we are not that rich to tick mark all 10 colleges.. So we should wisely choose and apply to 3 or 5 colleges only..

Now gut feel says let’s tick mark top three/ four only ie

Siib / Sibm Bangalore
But let me clarify that cuttoffs for top 3 colleges is quite high..

Sibm .. 105 marks.. need 99%ile ..
Scmhrd.. 95 marks.. 96%ile approx
Siib.. 90 marks.. 90%ile..

Not everyone is going to get 99%ile..  let’s take an example of a student who is scoring only 40 marks in his mocks.. So why to waste his money by applying to Sibm when he is nvr gonna make it to that level.. It’s better for him to apply for other colleges where atleast he stands a chance..

Now how will I know.. Which colleges to apply based on my skillset rather than college ranking..

So let’s take step by step approach to know where we stand as today.. We will do that by taking following steps:

1. Take snap mock
2. Look at the picture below and see which college you can get
3. Check if college you are getting is worth going for or not… And apply..
4. Now start working hard for snap exam


Step 1:

Take a snap mock..
You hav not yet started ur prep.. So make no sense to take a tough mock.. Rather than giving any mock you should take Snap 2010 paper.. It was decent level difficult so that we can actually know where we stand..  As of today.. And provided we improve where can we reach..

Download the paper here>>>

Cetking SNAP 2010 actual paper with solution PDF download now


Step 2:
Look at matrix below and see which colleges are in our range according to the snap mock we took.. Please note I hav reduced the marks considering we enough time to prepare and improve in snap.. >>>>

lege Composite Percentile
General SC ST J&K
SIBM, Pune 70 48 34 65
SCMHRD 65 45 30 58
SIBM, Bangalore 60 43 16 51
SIIB, Pune 60 27 20 45
SIOM, Nasik 55 30 20 38
SITM 52 34 24 42
SCIT 48 23 13 31
SSBF 48 24 14 32
SICSR 42 11 2 23


Step 3:

This is a decision making step.. Now decide according to the college you hav selected if u wish to apply or not. Example 1 – If you scored 100 in this mock.. Make no sense to apply for low rung colleges..

Example 2- if you scored 40 marks.. And u are sure that u cannot touch 100 marks and Sibm is beyond reach than apply to colleges below that.. Or u might decide to skip snap itself ..


Step 4:
Now quickly apply and start to preparing for the exam.. Improve yourself and try to a better score.. Snap is all about speed and strategies.. You can join our snap shortcuts and mock strategy workshops online and in class…

Link here>>>
Step 5
See SNAP strategy video for snap prep:

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