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NMAT 2015 Dates
NMAT 2015 Dates

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Cetking Results:
NMAT 2014 Rank 1 – Raghuram R is Cetking Student….
Ramika Kapoor 263 | Aviral Agrawal 260 | A Patel 258 | 28 others with 220 plus

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Cetking NMAT Results..
145 students from Cetking 210 plus so far 🙂 congrats guys..

Students Scoring less in mocks

Paper was quite similar to last year Cutoff expected to be210 – 208.
Students score less than 195

NMAT paper is always shocking for the first timers.. so dont worry lets make a comeback and target 210 plus in the next attempt… you are hardly 10 ques away from the cutoffs (depending on your scores) which means hardly 3 – 5 ques per section. So dont feel disheartened and work hard for the next attempt.

210 – 195

Close call … very close call… I would say hard luck.. but no worries lets try to crack on in the next attempt…
210 is a magical figure for getting the call.. but hardly anyone converted at these scores.. Target 220 plus.. and its quite possible to achieve that score…

220 – 210
Congrats you will get a call… but you are just border line case! very few people converted at these score.. Target 225 plus in next attempt…
You just need 10 – 20 more marks which is hardly 3- 6 questions right… Dont be complacent as these scores will be carried forward to next level.
220 plus
Great congrats first confirmed call of the season…
However if you are planning to join NMIMS then target 230 plus as thts the safe zone of NMIMS conversion.. there were hardly 2-3 people above 230 who missed NMINS so keep the party on but still try to improve! you hardly need 3 4 ques right to cross tht magical figure..


NMAT 2014 analysis

NMAT is the most difficult exam you will be taking this year.

Quick Overview:
Quant section – More difficult than CAT Quant section due to time constraints with pockets of easy questions – focus on arithmetic, geometry and coordinate geometry.
Logic section – Lengthy just like SNAP – focus more on puzzles, matrix based question and coding decoding. Students who have taken CAT but not CMAT will face problem while solving these questions. Solve SNAP level LR questions for NMAT.
Verbal section – Difficult considering the time allocated focus area RC and Vocab based.
Negative marking will help you increase your score so keep enough time to mark them all.

NMAT 2013 analysis 

The difficulty level of NMAT 2012 similar, as compared to that of CAT. There are some direct questions with no tricks involved. Cutoff will be little higher as compared to last year.

Talking specifically about the sections, the Verbal Ability section has been the easiest section by far. Whereas, the other two sections, i.e. Quantitative Ability and Logical Reasoning have been slightly above than that of Verbal Ability section in terms of difficulty.

Quantitative Ability and Data Interpretation has 48 questions; Verbal Ability has 32 questions and Analytical Reasoning has 40 questions.”

The absence of negative marking in the NMAT exam will help students to increase score.