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Expected SNAP 2013 Cutoffs

College Composite Percentile
General SC ST J&K
SIBM, Pune 98 68 34 85
SCMHRD 96.5 80 50 78
SIBM, Bangalore 90 43 16 71
SIIB, Pune 83 27 2 65
SIOM, Nasik 75 30 20 58
SITM 72 34 24 62
SCIT 68 23 13 51
SSBF 58 24 14 52
SICSR 52 11 2 33

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Mayank Agrawal 99.54%ile in CAT – 10 IIM calls – ZERO convert!
Altamash Sheikh 248 in NMAT couldnt convert the call
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SNAP Changes the admission process Overview:

  • Single registration process for all MBA programs at all institutes of SIU.
  • Reduced registration fees for multiple programs.
  • Single Personal Interaction and Writing Ability Test (PI-WAT) process for all MBA programs, at multiple locations (Pune, NOIDA and Bengaluru campuses of SIU)
  • SNAP Test Score + Academic Profile Score will form the basis for short listing candidates for Personal Interaction and Writing Ability Test (PI-WAT).
  • Academic Profile Score will be computed on the basis of weights assigned to academic performance in 10th Std., 12th Std. and Graduation.
  • Group Exercise (GE) process has been eliminated.
[accordion title=”All you want to know about SNAP with Cetking” open=”0″] [accordion-item title=”How to prepare for SNAP 2013 Exam”]

All about SNAP 2013

How to crack SNAP and NMAT… how to prepare for snap

• Stuck with low mock SNAP scores?
• Unable to clear cutoffs?
• Need shortcuts and techniques?
• Inshort need to increase score by 20 marks?
• Fasten your Seat Belts for SNAP 2013
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[/accordion-item] [accordion-item title=”Colleges Accepting SNAP 2013 Scores”]

SNAP Test is mandatory for the programs offered at following constituent institutes of SIU

Sr. No. Name of the Institute/ School/ College Program


Symbiosis Institute of Business Management
(SIBM – Pune)


Symbiosis Institute of Computer Studies & Research
MBA (Information Technology)


Symbiosis Centre for Management and
Human Resources Development
MBA (Infrastructure Management)



Symbiosis Institute of International Business
MBA (International Business)
MBA (Agri Business)
MBA (Energy & Environment)


Symbiosis Institute of Telecom Management
MBA (Telecom Management)


Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies


Symbiosis Institute of Media & Communication, Pune
(SIMC, Pune)
MBA (Communication Management)


Symbiosis Institute of Operation Management
(SIOM, Nashik)
MBA (Operations Management)


Symbiosis Centre for Information Technology
MBA (Information Technology Business Management)


Symbiosis Institute of Health Sciences
MBA (Hospital & Healthcare Management)


Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, Bengaluru
(SIBM, Bengaluru)


Symbiosis Institute of Media & Communication, Bengaluru
(SIMC, Bengaluru)
MBA (Communication Management)


Symbiosis School of Banking Management
MBA (Banking Management)

Candidates should also note that SNAP Test is NOT applicable for:

Sr. Name of the Institute Name of the Program


Symbiosis Law School


Symbiosis Institute of Computer Studies
M.Sc. (Computer Applications)


Symbiosis Institute of Health Sciences
M.Sc. (Medical Technology)


Symbiosis College of Nursing
M.Sc. (Nursing)


Symbiosis School of Biomedical Sciences
M.Sc. (Biomedical Sciences)
M.Sc. (Biotechnology)
M.Sc. (Nutrition & Dietetics)


Symbiosis Institute of Media & Communication-,Pune
(SIMC – Pune)


Symbiosis School of Economics
M.Sc. (Economics)


Symbiosis Institute of Technology
M.Sc. (Physics)
M.Tech. (CAD & CAM)
M.Tech. (E&TC)
M.Tech. (Computer Science)
M.Tech. (Geoinformatics & Surveying)


Symbiosis Institute of Geoinformatics
M.Sc. (Geo-informatics)


Symbiosis School of Planning & Architecture
M.Arch. (Urban Design)

Admission process for the programs of the constituent institutes mentioned above will be announced in the national newspapers at later date.
[/accordion-item] [accordion-item title=”SNAP 2013 Test Structure”]

Test Structure

  • SNAP Test duration is of 120 minutes.
    (Date: 15th December 2013, Time: 02.00 p.m. – 04.00 p.m.)
  • SNAP Test is an objective test. Each question has 4 responses. Candidate should choose an appropriate response. Each wrong answer attracts 25%negative marks.
  • Candidate must use Blue or Black ball point pen only.

SNAP Test Structure

Sr. No.


Total Marks


General English:  Reading Comprehension, Verbal Reasoning, Verbal Ability



Quantitative, Data Interpretation & Data Sufficiency



General Awareness: General Knowledge, Current Affairs, Business Scenario



Analytical & Logical Reasoning





[/accordion-item] [accordion-item title=”SNAP 2012 paper Analysis”] SNAP 2012 percentile cutoff

• SIBM P cutoffs 98.2%ile
• SCMHRD cutoffs 95%+
• SIIB & SIBM B 90%+
• SIBM-B  – 86 – 90+
• SIOM – 76 – 80 +
• SCIT  – 76 – 80+
• SITM  – 76 – 80+
• SIMC  –  70 – 75
• SIMS  –  70 – 75
• SICSR  – 66 – 70


Quant & DI – Easy to Very easy ideal attempt 30 plus
Verbal – Little tougher than last year
Logic – Similar to last year puzzles little difficult
Gk – medium difficulty attempt 15 plus

First cut – Overall snap Cutoffs:

Overall SNAP 2012 analysis and cut offs based on marks are as per below –

College Open SC ST PH J&K
SIBM-P 100 65 45 57 85
SCMHRD 95 60 40 52 80
SIIB 85 55 35 47 70
SIBM-B 85 55 35 47 70
SIOM – 76 50 30 38 61
SCIT 75 50 30 37 60
SITM 75 50 30 37 60
SIMC 70 45 30 32 55
SIMS 70 45 30 32 55
SICSR 65 45 25 27 50

SNAP 2012 analysis: LR Section: Average
There were some sitters in the paper but still LR section was more about time management. Puzzles were time consuming but do able. Section was lengthy and time consuming. Circular puzzle on cricketers,  Blood relation based questions were easy. FIJ were easy. Odd one out in series was difficult to manage. Overall attempt of 20+ will be ideal.

SNAP 2012 analysis: Quant & DI section: Easy
Quant and DI section was quite easy and similar to last year. Students were unable to complete the paper because of time restriction. However attempt of 30+ is good.

SNAP 2012 analysis: GK section
Gk section was medium like last year and attempt of 15+ is good.

SNAP 2012 analysis: Verbal Section: Medium
Verbal Section was quite simple and one could have easily scored well in this section. Section was quite similar to last year. So attempt of 30+ is good.


The cutoff score for SIBM Open category candidates will be around 100 – 105, whereas, the same for SC candidates will be around 65. The cutoff scores for GE and PI for ST candidates will be 45 and for Kashmiri Migrant is 85. The cutoff for Differently Abled candidates will be 58. The GE and PI are scheduled to be held from February 5, 2011 to February 9, 2011. For further details and clarifications, candidates are requested to visit the institute’s aforementioned website.
[/accordion-item] [accordion-item title=”Actual SNAP 2012 questions”] SNAP 2012 all questions compiled by cetking
Discuss answers here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/TargetSNAP/ 

Quant Ability:
21 questions based on Cetking books and classroom workshop handouts.

Topic Number of Questions
Arithmetic & Algebra 9
Profit & Loss 7
DI Case 6
Time Speed 4
Ratio Prop 3
Modern – P&C, Probability, Set Theory 3
Geometry (incl coordinate & all) 3
Numbers 1
Time Work 1
Percentages 1
Stats 1
Partnership 1

1. Ab=6, BC=8AC=10. Perpendicularfrm B to Ac at D. Circle is drawn toh BD as raidus and cuts sides AB and BC at points E and F resp. Find ratio AE:CF.
2. 11^10-2x=1 find x.
3. Find least value of 2x-3y, 1<=x<=2 and 1<=y<=2.
4. Two trains in opp direct cross a man in 25 sec and 15 sec resp. and cross each other in 21 sec find ratio of their speeds.
5. A B=180km person travels from A towards B at 30kmph leaves at 9:00am, another person leaves from B at 10:00 am at 20kmph towards A. what time will the meet.
6. A gir sells 2 bags at rs 600 each. At one she mkes a ptofit of 10percent and the other a loss of 25%. Find the overall loss or profit amnt.
7. A sells oranges at price of rs1000 fr 32 which makes a loss of 40% in order to get a profit of 20% how many he shud sell fr 1000.
8. To 13.
Income: Basic salary:5000
Petrol allowance:20%
PF deduction:10%
Expenditure: Food 28%
House rent 22%
Entertainment 12%
Children edu:25%
Misc expenses:13%
Q’sWereas follows:
What is house rent.
What is expenditure on food and entertainment.
If family has no children how much they save
After PF deduction and house rent what is left for expenditure.
How much is PF deduction
One mre easy q.
14 to 19. Simple alphabets in all and asked simple 5 q’s on this.
20 to 21.Simple operator based P#Q=P+PQ/P…similarly fr P@Q, P$Q and P?Q. a=sme two combinatn of the above 4. B= sme two combinatn of the above 4. Two q’s diffrnt values that’s it. One: P=1Q=2 @nd q:P=1 Q=3.

22. When avg spped of train is 48kmph it reaches destination just in time, when it is 36kmph it reaches 15 min late.Find the distance of the journey.
23 to27
cube with 3 on each edge. Is cut into small symmetrical cubes. Top and bottom painted black. Other four painted blue
How many cubes will be there.
How many with no paint.
How many with only black paint
How many with 2 sides oainted
How many with 3 sides painted.
28. nos 25,20,35,30,40,45 median is 35 what is variance?
29. 2x^2 -7x+6 =0. Which of the 4 largest value satisfies. Options were 2/3,2, 3/2, 3.
30. a fraction when 1 is added to both numerator and denominator =1/2 and when 1 is subtracted from bth numerator and denominator =1/4 what is the fraction.
31. suman’s age 3 years ago when doubled and subtracted from twice her age two years hence equals half her present age. Find her present age.
32. sum of fathers age and sons age=48. Sumthn simple ahead….what is fathers age.
33. P/Q=8 findP^2 +Q^2/P^2-Q^2.
a/b=4/3.find 9a+4b/9a-4b
34. 40% of 2/5th of a number=2400. Whats the no.
35 . 36 .some 2 more based on ratios vry easy dnt remember exact q now.
37. easy q based on equations
38. what is probability of a card being drawn from a pack of cards to be a club or a jack.
39. A bag has 6white n 4 black balls. What is the probability that whn 2 balls r drawn bth are white.
40. don’t remember 😛

13 questions based on Cetking books and classroom workshop handouts.


Topic Number of Questions
Venn Diagram 4
Blood Relation 4
Cubes 4
Analytical Reasoning (six houses) 4
Circular Arrangement (cricketers and all) 3
Switching 3
Grid / matrixbased 2
Operators 2
Analogy 1
Coding decoding 1

Easy to medium . Time consuming puzzles.
One q based on 3 matrix of no find wrong matrix.
compatible:curie::audience: ?
Cube set…1)27 cubes…4)8 with 3 sides painted
Bungalows LR set…ABC facing south…and DEF facing north
one ques on venn diagrams..!! very simple jus had to find the regions which satisfy the various conditions ! (college students, dancers, singers)
Circular Arrangement: 10 people na in a circle…cricketers and all
Matrix based: the sum of horizontal and vertical rows was same in 2nd and 3rd matrix.
something white ___ yellow facing south ,___ red PW facing north


17 questions based on Cetking books and classroom workshop handouts.

Topic Ques
Squat RC 5
Vocab based (sym, anto) 13
Fill In the blanks  3
Parajumbles 3
Critical Reasoning 1
Grammar Usage 10
Grammar Errors  5

AN mp3 as A new year’s gift ?
acrid benign analogy??
It had been had by it-Passive
Iridiscent=Lust re
Try as I might
Exclamation mark insite the quotes

GK Questions with Ans
11 questions based on Cetking GK book and classroom workshop handouts.

Topic Questions
Current Affairs 20
Science 4
Politics 4
Business 12


1. Currency of Turkey : Lira
2. Constitutional Body : Law commission and CVC are not.
3. Sushil Kumar Brad : Ralson tyres
4. Tax Excemption-2L
5. First Foreign minister : Jawahar lal Nehru
6. Question Hour: 1st hour of Parliament
7. Find the odd man out. 1.SEBI 2.IRDA 3.RBI 4.LIC: answer LIC
8. First to come and last to leave india: Portoguese
9. Which of these is not a direct tax: Ans none of these all were direct tax (Sales,Income,Property)
10 Airport of HYD and Delhi : GMR Infra
11. Study of fossile : Pleontology
12. 80th amendment about custome duty sharing.
13. Maxis communications : Aircel.
14. Royal Enfield : Eicher
15. Olympic Gold tennis : Andy marrey.
16 Birth Rate : per thousand
17. NYSE : Euronext
18. Optical Fiber : Light.
19. Non PSU bank : South india bank
20. Six sixma: none of the above can be applied to all Law firms,servies,manufaccuring
21. Finace ministry: No Dept for black money and money laundring
22. who is the lady popularly Czar of cosmetics, working at Lakme ? simone tata
23. nobel prize for literature Yann Martel / Transtomer
24. December 16- Vijay Diwas
25. Suez Canal- Red Sea and Mediterranian Sea
26. Hippophobia- Horses.
27. SATUTORY AUDITOR is elected by whom?? Shareholders
28. Which of the abbove has the structure of King queen workers? Ants net, Honeybee net , All of the above
29. Octopus has 3 hearts
30. France IMF loan
31. malaysian mobile company quest?
32. Question on Yoga
33. income tax slab ??? 2lc or 1.8lc ? i heard somewhere 2lc but on the websites it’s written 1.8lc


[/accordion-item] [accordion-item title=”SNAP 2011 Analysis”] Overall SNAP 2011 analysis and cut offs are as per below –

• SIBM-P – can apply if mock scores are around 91+
• SCMHRD  – can apply mock scores are around 85+
• SIIB  – can apply mock scores are around 80+
• SIBM-B  – can apply mock scores are around 80+
• SIOM – can apply mock scores are around 70 +
• SCIT  – can apply mock scores are around 70+
• SITM  – can apply mock scores are around 70+
• SIMC  – can apply mock scores are around 65
• SIMS  – can apply mock scores are around 65
• SICSR  – can apply mock scores are around 60

SNAP 2011 analysis: LR Section: Average
There were some sitters in the paper but still LR section was more about time management. There were some questions with options like ‘circular reasoning’ and ‘hidden assumptions’

SNAP 2011 analysis: Quant & DI section: Easy
Quant and DI section was quite easy and similar to last year. Students were unable to complete the paper because of time restriction.

SNAP 2011 analysis: GK section
GK section surprised most of the students, it was the toughest in the history of SNAP. It followed the UPSC pattern with some questions same as UPSC exam.
This section comprised varied questions from banking related terms to questions on government missions. There were no traditional GK questions like one on CEOs or acquisitions or anything related to business or corporate affairs.

SNAP 2011 analysis: Verbal Section: Easy
Verbal Section was quite simple and one could have easily scored well in this section. Section was quite similar to last year.


SNAP 2011 analysis:
Unlike mhCET where the process is centrally managed, Student need to individually apply to every college under SNAP. So students have to manage applications properly as there is money attached to every college applied.

Overall SNAP 2010 cut offs are as per below –
• SIBM-P cut-off can be estimated to be 118+
• SCMHRD cut-off should be around 109+
• SIIB cut-off should be 107+
• SIBM-B cut-off should be 103+
• SCIT cut-off should be 65+
• SITM cut-off should be 95+
• SIOM cut-offs should be around 80
• SIMC cut-offs should be around 80
• SIMS cut-offs should be around 80
• SICSR should be 50
• SIHS should be 50


SNAP 2011 analysis: Apply to these colleges if your mock scores in SNAP 2012 are around this:
• SIBM-P – can apply if mock scores are around 91+
• SCMHRD  – can apply mock scores are around 85+
• SIIB  – can apply mock scores are around 80+
• SIBM-B  – can apply mock scores are around 80+
• SIOM – can apply mock scores are around 70 +
• SCIT  – can apply mock scores are around 70+
• SITM  – can apply mock scores are around 70+
• SIMC  – can apply mock scores are around 65
• SIMS  – can apply mock scores are around 65
• SICSR  – can apply mock scores are around 60

If you have not taken any mocks then take a mock now before you apply to colleges
[/accordion-item] [accordion-item title=”Less Reading Comprehension in SNAP Exam”] Reading Comprehension in SNAP

Good news for some of the students as SNAP is not a RC focused exam.

There is not much RC in SNAP exam.  SNAP is Verbal focused paper with very little emphasis on Reading Comprehension. Every year there is only one Reading Comprehension set and rest is Vocabulary and Grammar usage.

Topic in SNAP 2011 2010 2012
Reading Comprehension 6  4  6

Average 5/40 questions is 12.5% of the verbal section RC unlike CAT or CMAT where almost 30 – 40% of the paper is based on reading comprehension.

SNAP 2011 Verbal Section
SNAP 2011 verbal was concentrated on Vocabulary, Usage and Grammar. There was only one reading comprehension passage on the title “Alive and Kicking” of approximately 150 words which was followed by six questions.

Verbal Section of SNAP
The section had 40 questions that tested the students’ abilities, in the areas of:
Comprehension (though there was just one Reading Comprehension),
Vocabulary (meanings, usage idiomatic use, spellings and
Grammar and Composition (Sentence correction, arrangement of jumbled sentences).


Topic 2010 2011
Grammar Based Questions 15
RC 4 6
Synonym 8
Fill in the blanks 6
Idioms based 6
Synonym-Antonym 4
Fill in the blanks (quote based) 4
Fill in the Blanks(definition based) 4
Word connectors 3
Para Jumble 3
Similes based 2
Antonym 2
FIBs 2
Proverb based 2
Analogy 2
Kangaroo word 2
One word substitution 1
Odd One Out 1
Sentence Correction 1
Fill in blanks(preporsition based) 1
Odd man out 1

Reading comprehension in SNAP
[/accordion-item] [accordion-item title=”SNAP 2013 will be easy or tough!”] ________________________________

SNAP 2013 will be tough or easy?

SNAP 2011 was real surprise for the students as suddenly the level of difficulty was jacked up. Cutoff fall by almost 18 marks for SIBM. But SNAP 2012 brought SNAP back on track with easy paper.

SNAP 2012 cutoffs SIBM – 98%ile (110 marks)
SNAP 2011 cutoffs SIBM – 91
SNAP 2010 cutoffs SIBM – 108

What will happen in 2013?
We speculation is that paper will be difficult in line with last few years trend.

Trend based analysis?
looking at last 5 years papers:
SNAP 2012 – Easy
SNAP 2011 – tough
SNAP 2010 – Easy
SNAP 2009 – Easy
SNAP 2008 – Tough
SNAP 2007 – Easy

Every other year SNAP paper becomes tough. Hence this year paper should be tough.

What makes paper tough or easy?
SNAP over paper remains same difficulty every year but Logic section is what decides the main cutoffs. As each question is for two marks the expectation is high on the section and students esp non engineers bank heavily on the section.

SNAP 2012 – Easy – 10 ques on analytical puzzles
SNAP 2011 – tough – 10 ques on Critical Reasoning
SNAP 2010 – Easy – 10 ques on analytical puzzles
SNAP 2009 – Easy  – 10 ques on analytical puzzles
SNAP 2008 – Tough – 10 ques on Critical Reasoning
SNAP 2007 – Easy  – 10 ques on analytical puzzles

Therefore, Critical reasoning is going to define the difficulty of the paper. So take care of the section.
[/accordion-item] [accordion-item title=”SNAP Preparation”] SNAP preparation guide –
1. Temperature check

The temperature check workbook is a unique tool to analyse your performance in SNAP. It takes around 30 mins to fill and you will know where you stand and how much improvement you need for last 10 days and enter your score against each topic. This will help you keep a tab on your performance according to importance of each topic in SNAP. You will know the strong points and weaker areas in your preparation and know what to target.

2. Mock papers
Take a mock SNAP this week, so that you are well verse with the paper pattern and can make up your strategies for the paper.
3. Actual SNAP papers
Run through actual SNAP papers of last few years. You can take the papers as a mock or just as a practice exercise. Loads of questions are repeated in SNAP papers so it makes more sense to do the papers.
4. Revise your basics
Do the basics again, all solved examples of Quant, DI, VA and LR from the material you are following. Revise mocks which you have taken and laugh on the silly mistakes you have done.

5. Hold your nerves
On the last day chill down!
Don’t get tensed and relax. Watch your favourite movie with your family / friends to unwind yourself. Trust me you will be able to solve 5 extra questions only if you are relaxed in the paper.
[/accordion-item] [accordion-item title=”10 days to SNAP Strategies”] 10 days to SNAP what to do?

1. Do all actual papers of SNAP 2012 to 2006 download here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/TargetSNAP/files/

2. Take Cetking Mockengg Mocks and follow Video strategies strictly

3. While solving the mocks you will come across weak areas, spend some time doing basics and improving the weak areas. For example if u scored less in Geometry then do more of geometry today. Try to cover every topic of quant and logic.

All the best
[/accordion-item] [accordion-item title=”SNAP 2013 Reservation Seats”] Reservation Policy
As per the UGC Regulations/ Guidelines, following will be the reservation policy for admission to any program of Institutes of SIU (except Symbiosis Institutes of Management Studies, which has separate policy #)

a. Within Sanctioned Intake
Scheduled Caste (SC) : 15%
Scheduled Tribes (ST) : 7.5%
Differently Abled * : 3%

b. Over & Above Intake
Kashmiri Migrants : 2 seats per program
International Candidates : 15%

Candidates applying from categories other than Open Category are required to submit valid supporting document (s) at the time of PI-WAT (if shortlisted).

* Differently Abled Category (DAC) at SIU
In compliance to Govt. Directives on disability guidelines issued by the office of the Chief Commissioner for persons with disabilities vide Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment New Delhi notification no. 16-18/97 on dated 01st June 2001 and University Grants Commission Notification No. F.6-1/2006 (CPP-II/SCT) dated 30/09/2009, SIU has made provision of reserving 3% seats for Differently Abled Category (DAC) students in all the Constituent Institutes of SIU.

The types of disabilities covered are:-
Vision Impairment
Hearing Impairment
Locomotors Disabilities
Mental Retardation
Multiple Disabilities

All candidates claiming admission under DAC will be provisionally admitted under the said category. Thereafter, the candidate will be required to obtain an ‘Authentication Certificate’ from Symbiosis Centre of Health Care (SCHC) within one month of commencement of the program. SCHC will check validity of documents produced by the candidates and verify the continued existence and extent of the disability.

# For Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies (SIMS): As per MoU with Ministry of Defence clause no. 13 sub clause (d) The term Defence Personnel would mean only those serving / retired Defence Personnel from the Army, Navy and Air Force who fall in the category of ex-serviceman as laid down vide Ministry of Defence Letter no. 36034/5/85 -Estt (SCT) dated 14th April, 1987.

Reservation of Seats within the intake is:
Defence Category- General: 80% seats for dependents (Children/Ward) of Defence personnel. (as per merit)

Defence category- Special: 10% seats for dependents of Defence personnel killed in action (war, Counter Insurgency or war like operation), disabled in action (war, Counter Insurgency or war like operation), with more than 50% disability, next of kin of service personnel who have died while in service, death being attributable to military service. (as per merit)

Open Category: 10% seats are in open category to civilian candidates sponsored/ recommended by the Industry (as per merit).

Reservation of Seats over and above intake :
Officers of Armed Forces on Study Leave as authorized by respective Services HQs are granted automatic admission subject to meeting eligibility criteria.
[/accordion-item] [/accordion]