Tips to crack General Awareness questions in TISS exam for TISSNET 2016

  • Keep yourself updated with the current happening by reading newspapers, watching news on television, reading current affairs books etc.
  • Do not concentrate on only 1-2 topics. Preparation in terms of news should be covered from all aspects such as politics, sports, entertainment, awards etc.
  • Spend at least 1-2 hours every day in practicing question based on general awareness. Practice will help you develop the skills to tackle such problems in an effective manner.
  • Try to practice as many free online test for general knowledge you can manage. Neglecting this section can affect your overall performance.
  • Utilize the internet for keeping yourself up-to-date.
  • Take feedback from people who have taken competitive exams earlier, read updates on educational blogs and forums, which are quite helpful.
    As there is no pre-defined syllabus for general awareness section, you need to brush up regularly whatever you have read.

Lets try a few questions based on TISS exam for TISSNET 2016
If you can you solve 10 questions out of 25 you are good!
15+ correct out of 25 is excellent!!

1. Which among the following companies is the world’s largest personal computer maker?

2. Which of the following EU members has “Euro” as its currency?
A. Britain
B. Denmark
C. Sweden
D. Austria

3. Which corporate organization has been ranked as the “best place to work” in a survey conducted by Business world?
A. GE Capital India
B. Texas Instruments India
D. Sahara Airlines

4. Which of the following country launched its first typhoon detecting rocket?
A. Germany
B. India
C. China
D. Russia

5. Which company owns the brand “Colour Plus”?
A. Arvind Mills
B. Mafatlal
C. Bombay Dyeing
D. Raymond

6. World Habitat Day has been observed on which day?
A. October 5th 2015
B. October 6th 2015
C. October 7th 2015
D. October 8th 2015

7. Name the first Indian Woman to climb the Kun Mountain in Zanskar range of Himalayas?
A. Rani Ghalawat
B. Suhasini Arora
C. G R Radhika
D. Mehak Rana

8. Dawki is an integrated Check Post between
A. India & Nepal border
B. India & Myanmar
C. India & Bangladesh
D. India & Pakistan

9. The World Bank in October 2015 raised the international poverty line to————US dollars per day from the existing 1.25 US dollars.
A. $ 1.25
B. $ 1.50
C. $ 1.70
D. $ 1.90

10. ———————- on 5 October 2015 permitted terminally ill patients to legally end their lives under a doctor’s supervision. State governor signed the Right to Die bill into law.
A. Wisconsin
B. Tennessee
C. California
D. Utah

11. Takaaki Kajita and Arthur B MacDonald have been jointly awarded Nobel prize for Physics for their discovery that shows neutrinos have mass. Name the countries they belong to?
A. Japan and Myanmar
B. South Korea and China
C. Japan and US
D. Russia and Germany

12. Portrait and Landscape are ..
A. Paper Size
B. Page Layout
C. Page Orientation
D. All of the above

13. Which parliamentary committee in India is normally chaired by a prominent member of the Opposition?
A. Committee on Government Assurances
B. Estimates Committee
C. Privileges Committee
D. Public Accounts Committee

14. The technology that used in KISAN project which was launched by Dr. Sanjeev Kumar Balyan, the Minister of State for agriculture and Farmer’s welfare?
A. Space technology and Geoinformatics
B. Vertical farming
C. Agricultural Robot
D. Precision agriculture

15. How many persons have been awarded Nobel prize for Medicine 2015 ?
A. One
B. Two
C. Three
D. Four

16. Who is the winner of the Malaysia Open title which was held at Kuala Lumpur?
A. Roger Federer
B. Feliciano Lopez
C. Andy Murray
D. David Ferrer

17. Which country has launched its communication satellite named “Sky Muster” to help increase the BroadBand speed
A. Austria
B. Russia
C. Australia
D. France

18. Which freedom fighter’s birth anniversary is celebrated on October 4th?
A. Balganga Dhar Tilak
B. Bipin Chandra Pal
C. Lala Lajpat Rai
D. Shyamaji Krishna Varma

19. Which of the following organisations has established the world’s highest terrestrial centre at 17600 feet above sea level.The centre will serve as a natural cold storage for preserving rare and endangered medical plants for generations to come.

20. Which state launched a Citizen portal which enables the citizens to lodge their complaints to the state police through internet?
A. Jharkhand
B. Odisha
C. Chatisgarh
D. Uttrakhand

21. CORPAT Coordinated Patrol Bilateral Maritime Exercise is scheduled from 17 October to 18 October 2015 in the Andaman Sea between India and ———————
A. Japan
B. Maldives
C. Sri Lanka
D. Indonesia

22. By how much percent has India pledged to cut GHGs emission by 2020?
A. 30
B. 35
C. 40
D. 25

23. Which country’s flag has been hoisted at the United Nations without being that country as the member of UN which is never done before for a non – member state?
A. Vatican City
B. Palestine
C. Taiwan
D. Kosovo

24. The Indian magician who has been conferred the Merlin Award popularly known as the Oscar of the magic
A. Prahlad Acharya
B. Gopinath Muthukad
C. Ashok Bhandari
D. Zenia Bhumgara

25. Adani Ports and Larsen & Toubro inked a pact to oversee operations of Kattupalli Port in which indian state
A. Kerala
B. Tamil Nadu
C. Andhra Pradesh
D. Karnataka

1. B
2. D
3. B
4. C
5. D
6. A
7. C
8. C
9. D
10. C
11. C
12. C
13. D
14. A
15. C
16. D
17. C
18. D
19. C
20. B
21. D
22. B
23. B
24. D
25. B

TISS Exam GK questions set 5

1. India signed a climate pact with – China.
2. Sudhir Gokhran has been appointed as – Deputy Governor of RBI.
3. K Radhakrsihna has taken over chairman as – ISRO
4. Winner of man booker prize 2009 – Hillary Mantel
5. Sachin created history by completing ____ runs in ODI – 17,000.
6. Largest Steel Producer in the world – China
7. Zine El Abidine Ben Ali sworn as president of – Tunisia
8. East Asia Summit held in – Thailand
9. Maximum Sugar mills are in which state – Uttar Pradesh
10. India’s GDP in 2008-09 – 6.7%.
11. H5N1 is a – Bird Flu
12. Mohammad Nasheed visited india, he was the president of – Maldives
13. Which country opposed Manmohan singh to visit Arunachal Pradesh – China
14. Ramakrihna venkatraman got nobel prize in – Chemistry
15. Genetically modified crop – Brinjal
16. ____ buyed 200 tones of gold from IMF – RBI
17. Who won the Champions trophy – Australia
18. Basel II norms – Maintaining Capital Adequate ratio
19. After the financial crisis, which affected the World crisis – Dubai crisis.
20. Chief Justice of India – K.G. Balakrishnan
21. POS – Point of sale
22. ECS – Electronic Clearing system
23. The exchange of goods between the two or more countries is known as – FTA(Free Trade Agreement).
24. Present EU President – Herman Van Rompuy
25. Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar awards are given in the field – Science & Technology
26. Dada sahib phalke awards are give in the field – films
27. Which of the following is not a government undertaking – ICICI bank
28. Balraj puri is associated with – Journalist
29. Nobel Prize awardees will give 10 million Swedish ________ – Krones
30. Player not Associated with Lawn Tennis – Anand Pawar
31. Government is disinvesting PSU’s upto _______ percentage – 10%
32. Which of the following is not a river – Ural(Russia)
33. Atta Dal scheme launched in which state – Rajasthan
34. Book by V.S Naipaul – Half a Life
35. Orissa government want to change the name of state as – Odisha
36. Government has celebrated ____ birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi – 140th.
37. Which of the following is not a grandslam title in Tennis – Grandmaster.
38. India Generation Gap review is discussed in – India – European Summit
39. Term not related to Economics – Handedness
40. Term not related to banking and finance – Jacksonian seizure
41. Mullaperiyar dam is constructed on the river – Periyar
42. What percentage of education used in India’s GDP – 1%.
43. India buyed Barak anti missile defence from – Israel.
44. Food and Agriculture Organisation comes under the wing – UNO
45. National Skill development is launched by – Ministry of finance
46. Derby is a term used in the sport – Football.
47. Term related to hockey – Centre Forward.
48. Dadaab camp is in news recently, it is in which country – Kenya
49. E-shakti yojana a scheme started in which state – Bihar
50. Social Audit – NREGA
51. Which of the following is not a plant crop –All are plant corps(Vanilla,kiwi,camphor,etc)
52. A/c to world report what % of water is used for agriculture purpose – 69%
53. Only Credit Rating agency in India – CRISIL
54. State Level Afforestation formed by Government – CAMPA(Compensatory Afforestation Management and Planning Authority)
55. Indo-US TPF held in Delhi. What is the fullform of TPF– Trade policy Forum.
56. India discouraged free movements of unskilled labourers from – EU.
57. Scheme launched for pregnant and Lacting women – Indira Gandhi Matritava Sahayog Yojana.
58. UNIFEM launched a project in which state – Delhi.
59. India – European trade value – $60 billion.
60. What amount is required for PSU – 25,000 crore.
61. RBI has kept Emergency Fund facility for which of the following banks –Urban Co-operative banks.
62. One Carbon Credit is equal to – one ton of CO2.
63. Which of the following terms not related to climate change – Basel norms
64. Tax which the employer will pay to employee has been abolished in Union budget – Fridge Benefit Tax.
65. India and china concerned over Payment Imbalance – China is paying in their own currency rather than dollar.
66. India is concerned about instability in which of the following countries – Afghanistan & Pakistan.

TISS Exam GK questions set 5