XAT GK preparation questions set 3

1. Which one of the following is not an insurance provider in India?
2. Whcih one of the following is not a policy provided by LIC?
A)Mahalife Gold Plan
3. The regulatory body for Insurance in India is?
4. The author of the book “The White Tiger”?
A)Arvind Adigga
5. Who has won the man booker prize?
A)Alice Munro
6. Where was the SAARC summit held in 2010?
7. The Indian tennis player who was a part of a team who won a category in Australian Open 2010?
A)Leander Paes
8. Key feature of Union Budget?
A)All of the above
9. LIC is going on paperless from 2011, what does it mean?
A)All activities will be carried out in electronic form.
10. Which is the only Public sector Life insurance provider in India?
11. Who won the Indira Gandi Peace Prize in 2009?
A)Prime Minister of Bangladesh
12. Which one of the following is a term related to cricket?
A)Silly Point
13. Which one of the following is not related to finance or banking?
14. The national award given in the field of sports?
A)Arjun Award.
15. Who among the following is not a winner of PadmSree Award?
A)Lalit Modi
16. Who among the following is not a winner of National Film Awards?
A)Shilpa Shetty.
17. What is the meaning if maturity date in policies by LIC?
A)The date on which the contract between the company and the person insured is going to expire.
18. What is the meaning of insurance?
A)Mutal payment contract to cover a particular risk.
19. Rs.16,500 crores has been provide to banks under Union budget 2010-11 for?
A)To strengthen their capital base
20. The term ULIP(recently in news) is associated with?
A)Insurance companies
21. The financial body which frames Monetary and Financial policy in India?
22. The term Micro-finance was in news recently. Which one of the following is a type of Micro-Finance?
A)(a.LIC   b.Mutual fund investment   c.Letter of credit    d.Mutual help groups)

XAT GK preparation