XAT GK questions

1)NCDEX commodity stock exchange is headquartered at which of the following cities?
a)Mumbai b)Delhi c)hyderabad d)Chennai e)Lucknow.

2)Serene williams won which grandslam by defeating Venus Williams?
a)Australian open b)French Open c)Wimbeldon Open d)US Open

3)Brazil won the Confederation cup by beating ____________?
a)Pakistan b)US c)South Africa d)South Korea e)Germany

4)Who state won the Santhosh trophy?
a)Uttar pradesh b)Madhya Pradesh c)Tamilnadu d)Mumbai e)Goa

5)Oscar awards are given in the field of _________?
a)Literature b)sports c)films d)Economics e)Politics

6)what is the current repo rate?
a)5% b)6% c)3.25% d)4.75% e)24%

7)which director got the Best Director Award in IIFA 2009 awards?
a)Amir Khan b)Ashutosh Gowarikar c)Karan Johar d)Bhansali e)none

8)who is the chairman of 13th finance commission?
a)Rangarajan b)Rakesh Mohan c)Vijay Kelkar d)Sam pitroda e)none

9)Recently India freed the import/export duties of nearly 2200 items with which country?
a)ASEAN b)Sinagapore c)south korea d)china e)malayasia

10)Mahmoud Ahmadinejad re-elected as the president of _________?
a)Iran b)Iraq c)Afghanistan d)Kuwait e)none

11)H R Bhardwaj was appointed the governor of which state?
a)Karnataka b)Andhra Pradesh c)Tamilnadu d)Maharashtra e)none

12)National Sports day is celebrated on?
a)Sep 29th b)july 19th c)Aug 29th d)Sep 19th e)Aug 19th

13)The Union government has given a agriculture credit to farmers of rupees ___________?
a)1,00,000 crore b)2,00,000 crore c)3,00,000 crore d)3,25,000 crore e)4,00,000 crore

14)India has upgraded the AN-32 aircrafts from which of the following countries?
a)Ukraine b)Russia c)Israel d)US e)France

15) How many crore are allocated for Pradan Mantri Adarsh Gram Yojana in Union budget 2009-10?
a)100 b)200 c)500 d)1000 e)none

16)With which Organisation RBI will discuss about the Indian Forex Reserves?
a)SBI b)SIDBI c)NABARD d)SEBI e)none

17)Expand POS?
Answer:Point of Scale

18)First BRIC summit held in?
a)India b)Brazil c)China d)Russia e)none

19)First EU-Pakistam summit held in __________?
a)Pakistan b)Brussels c)Germany d)Italy e)Russia

20)India is in 3rd position in the world in which of the following ?
a)Coal b)Gold c)Steel d)auto maker e)none

21)Yen is the currency of which country?
a)china b)Malaysia c)South Korea d)cuba e)none(Japan)

22)Who is the chairman of Unique Identification (UID) cards?
a)Narayana murthy b)Gopalakrishna c)Ramalinga raju d)Azim premji e)none(Nilekeni)

23)Which of the following does not come under Core Sector?
a)Coal b)Cement c)Steel d)Auto Maker e)petroleum

24)Which of the following awards are given in Literature?
a)Saraswati Samman b)Dronacharya c)padma shri d)……..e)………

25)How many crores(approaximately) are allocated for National Rural Health Mission?
a)5000 b)7000 c)9000 d)12000 e)14000

26)’Miracle of Democracy is a book written by?
a)Amartya sen b)Swaminathan c)Krishnamurthy .T.S d)Nandan Nilekeni e)none

27) Doing Business report is released by which Organisation?
a)IMF b)ADB c)World Bank d)WTO e)none

28)Sixth Indo-Gulf Conference held in which city?
a)Mumbai b)Hyderabad c)Chennai d)Delhi e)none

29)India’s Gross Fiscal Deficit in 2008-09?
a)5% b)6% c)7% d)8% e)9%

30) Bad Loans in banking terminology is refered as ________
a)Bad Debt b)NPA’s c)………d)…………e)………….

31)which of the following is not a social welfare scheme?
a)Mid day meal b)Sarva siksha abhayan c)look east policy d)…….

32)Which term is not related to banking?
a)Deposits b)Demand c)cash withdrawal d)Equinox e)…….

33)Britains second biggest trading partner?
a)India b)China c)US d)Russia e)…….

34)One railway budget question with three options..dont remember exactly?

35) Micro Credit means…………………….?

36)Which bank has given aid to Defence sector……SBI.

37)question in International author and book….don’t remember exactly?

38)which of the following term is not related to Hockey?

a)Goal b)Slice c)Hook d)……….

39)which scheme to provide rural amenities and infrastructure to rural people??
a)Bharat Nirman b)NREGA c)Sarva Siksha Abhayan d)PMGAY e)none
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