SP Jain Gdpi GI Group Interview experience

  • Hi everyone… Here is my SPJain story..
    Centre : BangaloreProfile : CAT score : 97.95%ile    Xth : 90%    XIIth : 85%    BE:78.3%
    Work ex of 19 monthsThe process began with the a psychometric test. It had 3 groups of 10-12 statements like : I never lie, I have a hard time accepting compliments, I can visualize my career goals etc. We had to tell the degree to which these statements were able to describe us in terms of 4 choices : Very well, Moderately well, A little, Not at all. It was quick, was done in 10 minutes.
    Then we were called for GI-1. It was a group of 7 people. The panel had 3 people and one of the professors was extremely strict and his sole intention was to stress the interviewees. We were asked for a quick intro and also to tell a pet that we would like to keep along with a name for the pet. Then there was a question on the changes that India would have seen if Vallabh Bhai Patel had been the prime minister in place of Nehru. I answered this in the most absurd possible way as I did not know anything about Patel. I told that Sir I don’t know much about this person so one change that I can think of is would have been in the course books wherein we would have read about him being the first PM and not Nehru. Everybody in the panel and the interviewee group smirked at me. I knew that I am out of the game. Then they asked why marketing? I was waiting for this question, answered it pretty well, others were not able to answer this question very well. They asked a person which all courses do you want to study in finance at SP Jain so he said he did not know about the courses being offered at SPJain, which I am pretty sure did not make the panel happy at all. Then they asked about how a model village should be. I told them that I have visited certain villages, named a few (which probably left a good impact) and told them about the problems there, like lack of schools and teachers and lack of proper sanitation etc. and so these things should be improved for making them a model village. Then they gave us a hypothetical situation and asked us how we would respond. Then we were sent out. Results came in 10 minutes. Got selected for GI-2.
    It was completely based on psychometric test. They were solely interested in knowing your values system and the kind of ethics you follow in life. Everyone answered well so don’t know how will they be judging us on the basis of such questions.
    That’s all folks !!!!
    Thanks for reading. Hope it is of some help. All the best

SP Jain Gdpi GI Group Interview experience

  • CALL Details : Profile based call
    Specialization | OperationsAcads
    Undergrad Major – 88.9 GPA/%ageWork-Ex 54 Months
    Sector – ONGC-MRPLExam score (whichever is applicable)
    CAT %ile: 97.21Any other special thing about u:Reach one hour before your slot. The registration process is smooth. Psychometric test is easy and finish it quickly. u will be given 10 mins. So if u start thinking about the correct answer (i guess there is nothing like that) u may not be able to finish the test.
    Relax before your GI, and u will do wonders. Preparing will not help much, as they want to see your thought process. So be crisp and put your points in a structured manner. u will be getting two, three chances.GI-1
    3 profs
    Number of People present:6 (2 fin,2 IM, 1 Marketing, 1 Ops-me)
    Time: 45 mins
    tell me about yourself
    Why MBA?
    Why in that specialization?
    Questions about your work and hobbies.
    Few questions on ethics.
    How recession in UK affects India’s GNP?
    How does it matter if you don’t do an MBA?
    Brief Snapshot of Discussion: Reasons for elimination
    To the last question, one guy told that it will not have any impact, and he was eliminated. other guy couldn’t correlate the value addition of an MBA to his present work.
    Other Details: 3 out of 6 got through. Hmmm i m in the right halfGI-2
    2 profs.
    Number of People present:5
    Time: one hour
    Questions: All the questions are aimed at knowing u better. No preparation will help. But have idea about the current happenings. We were asked about the ministers watching adult content. Each one of us were put into the shoes of Government, Opposition , Speaker and the minister who was caught (The last one is for me).
    Rest all on your weakness and how u wishes to improve. And where do u see yourself at the age of the professor (he is 70+).
    Questions were mostly based on your psychometric responses.Brief Snapshot of Discussion: Everybody spoke well.
    Other Details: relax there is no stress as such. It just depends on how u take it. be confident and rest will be fine.Psychometric Test
    Your experience of the test : Good
    Any suggestions for others : Be quick
    No. of Questions & time given : 30 and ten mins
    Anything else about the test : Just be quick and finish it in timeMISC/ Surprises(if any)
    Any other relevant detail. The whole process will get over in 3 to 4 hours.

SP Jain Gdpi GI Group Interview experience

  • CALL Details : Marketing| Profile based callAcads
    X: 89.12
    Undergrad Major – 8.60Work-Ex
    NIL/Sector – IT – 20 monthsExam score (whichever is applicable)
    CAT %ile: 92.50GI-1
    Number of People present: 5
    Time: 30mins
    Brief Snapshot of Discussion:
    Had chosen the 9AM slot today .. so had to wake up quite a lot early to reach to the venue which was a little hard to find .. but then anyhow made it at least an hour before.
    The registrations and stuff went on smoothly and we had our psychometric test .. It had 30 questions which are basically about yourself .. 10 minutes of time given .. So just follow your heart and answer them .. do not think too much about what’s right or wrong ( Frankly at least in my case, there was no reference made to the psychometric test throughout the interview process)
    So after that we were divided into groups and my group consisted of 5 people ( 3 guys and 2 gals) ( 2 M, 1 IM, 1 OP, not sure of the last person’s specialization)
    Our panel had 2 professors(1 lady prof). It started off with the general introduce yourself question explaining why you want to do any MBA and why should we take you .. everyone answered respectively .. and then we were asked about the news headline for today and then we had a small GD on the topic “Does only bad news makes news these days” .. we had a Pretty good discussion …
    3 of us made it to GI-2 .. the 2 girls in my group got eliminated .. ( Surprised as one of them spoke pretty well)
    After GI -1 we were asked to submit our docs ..
    We were divided into groups again ..GI-2
    Number of People present: 5
    Time: 30-45
    Brief Snapshot of Discussion:
    Group of 5 guys .. 2 senior members .. ( Only one of the panel members was asking the questions, the other very senior member was just observing the interviewees)
    He started off by asking us to relax and that it would not be a stress interview or something.
    We were asked to introduce ourselves and then after that he just started a conversation that he had been to watch a movie last eve and he saw the famous item number in that movie .. and asked us for our views in item numbers, the conversations then went on to caste system, why is it bad and then asked us to say certain good things about it as well, we were then asked about the carvings at Khajuraho, difference between obscenity and pornography etc ..
    Although these topics might sound strange in an MBA interview .. but I guess it was just to test the maturity level of the interviewees. There was a healthy discussion on the topics. The interview ended with a situation wherein we were asked to imagine ourselves in a situation where we are the railway signal men and there is a railway track and it spits to 2 tracks .. On one track you have 5 engineers working on the track and on the other track which is seldom used there is a small innocent kid. There is a runaway engine which has no control and is speeding towards them .. Which direction would you let the engine go and why ? after we gave our answers he then replaced the small kid with a drunk politician and asked us the same question again .. There was no right or wrong answer .. they wanted to know our opinion on it .. !So this is how my interview experience was .. had a very good experience .. it was pretty chilled out .. the whole process was done in 2 hours .. I was out by 11.Any other relevant detail. – Stay calm and confident .. That is what they are looking for .. Express yourself well .. show good body language throughout as you will be observed throughout ..
    Do not try to cook up things .. Be yourself ..

SP Jain Gdpi GI Group Interview experience

  • Slot: Last day, Last Slot (4 pm)
    CAT/XAT score: 96.40%/98.59%
    Score Based Call
    Interview Centre: SPJIMR, Mumbai.
    SSC/HSC/BTech: 88.66/88.80/72.25 %
    Anything special about me: Overall school topper from 1996-2004( supported it with certificates)
    Rank 3 in BTech from UDCT, Mumbai
    Finalist of All India Reynolds Scholarship,2001
    Dabbler in everything right from Dramatics, Fine arts, Literary arts, LAN gaming, T shirt painting, grafitti, graphology, gymnastics, singing etc.
    Final year project published in various journals and soon to be patented.
    Placement co-ordinator of my batchWork Ex: RnD Associate at Caregroup India since Aug 2010Experience:
    Reached the venue 1.5 hrs in advance. Was the first one from my slot to be present. Was surrounded by people from earlier slots, some being selected for GI 2 , some rejected, some complaining about the random selection process, some boasting about their extra co curriculars.I went to the last row and plugged in my handsfree and played EMAET at full volume while still thinking how the auto driver had fooled me to pay 30 bucks to reach from Andheri Station to SPJIMR and stuffed in 2 more passengers on the way. It was 3 pm and new faces started pouring in the classroom.
    We were called for document verification and at 3.30, we were paraded to a classroom for the Psychometric Test.Psychometric Test: Really simple. Don’t think much. It would defeat the purpose of the test and you might end up contradicting yourself in the end. Be yourself and finish it off fast.Then we were divided in the groups of 6 people and were made to report to a classroom. Snapshot of people from my group: 2 Marketing (including me), 2 finance (Girls from NM & Deloitte), 2 IM (Girl from Deloitte and a fresher).
    Panel 1- Lalwani Sir, Alumnus working with PnG, A Fin ProfQues 1: Give a 1 min intro about yourself.
    Stick to the time limit. The ones who violated it mercilessly werent selected.Ques 2: 1 Question Based on what you uttered in your intro.Ques 3: 1 question from the DAF (Detailed Application Form) you are told to submit for the GIsA marketing candidate was asked to explain about his tee shirt start up, NM girl was asked questions on Finance, moi was asked to draw a logo of anything that would make them exclaim Wow. While I was drawing, I was asked why MBA to which I gave a satisfactory answer. In the end, was told to make a presentation of the logo I made. Stood up and gave a confident show. Panel seemed impressed and so did the Deloitte girls but the panel didn’t exclaim Wow as promisedTips: 1) Never cross the time limit given to you when they ask quest
    2) Look interested while others speak. The marketing guy had a terrific profile but was rejected because he looked everywhere but towards us while we were answering. He even spoke out of turn and never let the panel complete their question. Too eager and effusive
    3) One guy made the crime of being brutally honest(or confused) and said that he wasn’t interested in IM and wants to switch to Fin. Needless to say, he was given a royal ignoreVerdict: 2 girls and me selected

    GI -2

    Yikes!! It was 6.30 already and we were rushed to another classroom. I wanted to use the loo but we were pushed inside a classroom wherein 3 candidates had already given their intro and before we could even sit, were told to introduce yourselves(this time in 45 sec)

    Panel: Dr Narian(GOD!!) and another Prof

    Ques were really random. Was asked to explain the logo of SBI bank, give an advertisement in paper looking for a prospective bride, someone was asked to comment on the trial of John Grisham, another was asked to comment on Vietnam war( quest were asked based on what you spoke in the intro), some questions on hobby, on marriage, on inflation and on everything! It was more like a canteen discussion wherein you have to be frank.

    Then the unexpected, Panel 1 walked in and joined Panel 2 and it was here that the PnG guy showed my logo(I was surprised that he had picked it up and preserved it in his pocket) to GOD!. She raised her eye brow and wasn’t asked any question thereafter. Not that I minded because my mind was in my bladder and my bladder was bursting. Since we were the last batch to be interviewed, the seniors joined in and everyone started celebrating, and it was so unlike an interview but I had a feeling that you are always being watched while in the room so being carried away and behaving hysterical is not recommended.

    We walked out of the room, thanked the fellow candidates and ran to the nearest loo. It was 8.15 already and I had to reach for the 9 pm show. The day ended with moi on bed and doing a past life regression that why on earth did I go and watch EMAET after the interview!

    Verdict: Was called for Immersion and nicknamed ” the logo boy” by some candidates.
    Was selected for PGDM – Marketing on 16th March

    Final Tips: Don’t fake, look interested and follow the time limit

SP Jain Gdpi GI Group Interview experience

  • CALL Details : Finance Score based call , 11:00amAcademics
    X: 82.4
    XII: 85.4
    Undergrad Major – 80.7 (B-Tech – IT)Work-Ex: Infosys (32 months)Exam score (whichever is applicable)
    CAT %ile: 99.99GI-1
    Number of People present: 7 (2 finance, 2 marketing, 2 ops, 1 IM)
    Time: 20-25 minutes, ended pretty fast
    Common Questions:
    Everyone was asked to sell himself in 1-1.5 minutes. (straight away started speaking about my achievements and in what way i would contribute towards SPJIMR, no beating around the bush)
    Major questions were in order to find out why did you choose the specialization you chose?
    My specific questions:
    You have significant amount of experience, why do you want to move to finance now? (connected experience with corporate finance)
    What activities have undertook for your interest? (told stock market investment and interaction with senior management)
    What do you look for when you invest in a stock?
    What is P/E?
    What is the EPS of HUL? (I owned HUL, that’s why)
    What does the earnings represent in EPS?
    What is market capitalization?
    (told all the answers to the best of my capability)GI-2
    Number of People present: 8 (2 marketing, 2 finance, 2 ops, 1 IM, 1 no idea)
    Time: –
    Common Questions: Total HR, chilled out
    We went in, the prof asked if there was a non-engineer? Surprisingly, there wasn’t !! Asked, if it is a coincidence?
    (i told that it is not so, given engineers and medicals provide for maximum livelihood options and all similar gyan!! )
    Is CAT a reason why engineers get here, they get unfair advantage? (Everyone had lots of opinions on this)
    Are other specializations apart from analytical skills important in business?
    What was the happiest day of your life?
    what thing disturbs you the most (personal life problems/ disturbance)?
    If you are the MD of a very large company, what would be your next motive? (told about making improvements and innovation in the industry, giving back to the society etc..)
    Too many religious institutions have crores of rupees with their trust! Your views on it??
    Any questions for us?Psychometric Test
    Your experience of the test : Nothing to write about
    Any suggestions for others : None
    No. of Questions & time given : 30+6, 15 min
    Anything else about the test : NoneSuggestion: The interview is pretty chilled, go with open mind. Be clear on why did you chose the specialization and what you want out of SPJIMR. :cheers:

SP Jain Gdpi GI Group Interview experience

  • CALL Details : Operations | Score based callAcads
    X: 90+
    XII: 90+
    Undergrad Major – 70 pc
    Work-Ex 18 months, Energy SectorExam score (whichever is applicable)
    CAT %ile: 99.69
    XAT %ile:
    GMAT Score:Any other special thing about u: I cook amazing chicken lol.GI-1
    Number of People present: 8
    Time: 35 minutes
    Brief Snapshot of Discussion:They began with intro, we were asked to be within 1 minute. And Also say 1 unique thing about ourselves. The discussion was NOT at all relaxed. There were 2 faculties and one alumnus. One of the Profs was shooting down everybody and in a denial mode. He picked up points from peoples hobbies and asked questions like how is this hobby of use to you in your professional or personal life. How is social work helpful in professional life. (not accepting answers like makes us feel good, inner peace etc coz these are not professional benefits but personal ones. ) Some people agreed that social work did not directly affect professional Life. Also gave us a case and roughly assigned us roles according to our specialisation, eg OPS people were made in charges, Marketing people in charge of publicity, Finance in charge of money management etc. Over all , the interviewers kept us on our toes .GI-2
    Number of People present: 7
    Time: 45 minsBrief Snapshot of Discussion:
    Discussion ranged from social issues, role of MBA, what is management to you, everyone was grilled on their job profiles, and hobbies. Issues like CWG games were discussed, relevance of such events amidst corruption, did it do more harm or more good. Adversities faced in life, how one overcame them. Also everyone had to work hard on how MBA will change things for them in their profession apart from salary. etc. There were no right or wrong answers, just your views and opinions on issues raised by the panel.Over all This GI2 was much more relaxed and easy going than the first one.Psychometric Test: Be fast. Don’t think much. You have to defend 6 chosen answers , as to why you marked your chosen option. This might be brought up in GI2.Your experience of the test :
    A good balance of psychometric parameters.

    Any suggestions for others :
    None, because no use thinking and marking. Just be sure that you know why you are marking a particular option.
    No. of Questions & time given : 10 minutes, around 30 questions and 6 one line answers.

    Anything else about the test :
    Remember your Interview ID. Most people did not remember theirs as there is no admit card for SP JAIN .

    MISC/ Surprises(if any):
    Not much focus on current affairs and knowledge as such. Just a probe into what kind of person you are. I don’t think much preparation and ghisna is required. Go the way you are. GI 1 was much more taxing than GI2. Don’t waste time on newspaper current affairs and core subject knowledge.


SP Jain Gdpi GI Group Interview experience

  • 14th February, New Delhi, 2 pm slot.Specialization: Finance Score-based callCAT %ile: 99.12Xth – 88.0%
    XIIth – 90.2%
    Grad – B.Tech (Computer Science) – 83.0%
    Post-Grad – MBA (Finance) (as 5-year Integrated course) – 81.0%
    Other – CFA Level 2 clearedReached the venue at 1:00 pm, waited for about 15 minutes. Then, they checked the CAT Scorecard and an Identity Proof. Within minutes, we were taken to another room, where we had our Psychometric Test.Psychometric Test: 30 multiple choice questions in 10 min, then we had to choose any 6 out of those, and elaborate on our choice for them in 1-2 lines. Paper-pen based. Was okay, could complete only 5 out of those 6 detailed questions.GI-1:
    After about 20 minutes, my name was called along with 6 others. I was in the first group of the GI-1 of 2 pm slot. We moved to a nearby room, where 3 professors were seated (2M, 1F)We were 7 (2F, 1 IM, 1 M, 3 Op) – 1 Female, 6 Males. Started off with – In one minute, give us your introduction. Everyone began with their place of birth, then 10th and so on. I started in reverse chronological order, starting with my work experience, because it makes more sense.Told about my work-ex, acads, CFA, then interest and hobby, linked it to my career goals.Others were also good. There was one guy, who wanted to be a sports facilitator. One guy (Fin) had a business plan about Infrastructure consultancy right after passing out. All in all, first question was light, but please keep it short, or else they will cut you in between (which is a negative thing)Thereafter, began their questions to each one of us. As I had expected, they asked me “Why another MBA” to which I blurted out whatever I had prepared in a manner that it was spontaneous. They asked me a very simple question – name few exchanges in India. Even on that, I forgot to mention Commodity Exchanges, but it was okay according to them.

    They grilled 2-3 guys too much, especially the guy who wanted to be the sports facilitator and the one who had business plan. They asked the latter that if he is selected, would he be sitting for the placement. The girl was working at Infy, so they asked her if Euro-crisis would affect Indian IT Sector, to which she couldn’t provide an answer. It was answered by others in the group.

    They did not ask me any other question, just probably 2 minute of total interaction with me out of 40 odd minutes. When they asked us to leave, I was disappointed that I didn’t get opportunity to speak.

    10 minutes of nerve-wrecking wait, and then someone from Adcom announced, “Only 2 out of 7 selected” and I was one of them. Thank God!!! I guess CFA helped me.

    Another wait for about 15 minutes, and then I was called for GI-2. Again my group had 7 candidates in all. This time 3 males and 4 females. I have no idea about specialization. Two elderly professors (1M, 1F) were waiting for us.

    The Male professor began with a light joke, which broke the tension a little bit. Then he said, “Tell about yourself, but not in the manner what you have been taught at coaching institutes nor what you have told in GI-1. Means, you don’t have to tell us about your education background, work, family, achievements, etc. Tell us what values do you associate yourself with” etc. etc.

    He gave us 1 minute to prepare. Then anyone who was ready, was free to start. All of us stressed on the cultural values, imbibed from parents, and all those goody words. When each one was done, they started asking individual questions. Nothing from profile sheet, nothing from psychometric test. The sheets weren’t even there I felt. But later, got to know, they have already done their homework well.

    They asked me why I don’t join my father’s business. They asked another guy, who had started with a quote in his first answer, as to give a practical example where this has happened with him. So, I would suggest, don’t be too flowery.

    Then, they opened up the discussion to everyone on one of the questions from the Psychometric. Each had his/her opinion. Then, I drove the discussion to importance of Destiny. When everyone seemed to follow, Ma’am jokingly exclaimed, “Feels like I am sitting in front of Baba Ramdevs”.
    The discussion came to an abrupt end, and we were asked to leave.

    Thereafter, we were asked to submit our documents (photocopies) and leave. Time taken for complete process – 4 hours

    Not sure, what they might have checked in GI-2. I just hope they take other parameters into consideration as well for the final short-list, like profile, CAT Score, GI-1, etc.


  • Venue : SPJIMR Campus, Mumbai
    Date/Slot : 16th Feb/ 2 PMCALL Details : Finance | Score based callAcads
    X: 89.73%
    XII: 84.17%
    Undergrad Major – 78.44% (Engg)Work-Ex – NilExam score
    CAT %ile: 99.04%leAny other special thing about u: Lots of position of responsibility, completed 240 hours of social service, Indian Sudoku Championship Semi-FinalistGI-1
    Number of People: 7 (2 freshers, 5 workex) (3 Finance, not sure about IM,Op,Mktg)
    Time: 42 mins (yes i saw the exact time in my watch) (started at 2.10 PM)
    Tell me about yourself
    Why Finance?
    Why MBA being fresher?
    What Management after Engg?
    What if not MBA this year?Brief Snapshot of Discussion:The interview started with the panel members giving us their introduction.. 1 of them was Finance prof, other was Ops Prof, 3rd was working in M & M, 4th seemed to Alumni with mktg specialisation(she came 15 mins after the i/v begin)
    It started of with standard Q give a brief introduction about yourself in 2 mins not more than that (And be very precise in your answer don’t elaborate without any reason or told to).. And also talk about 1 value or 1 act which we have done for the society with our intro..
    I was the Ist one to introduce myself and took some seconds to get into i/v mode, felt could have given better intro than what i did.. But included enough points thanks to 3 mocks PI’s, 1 mock GI at T.I.M.E
    Then they moved onto asking why this specialisation? Again be precise and answer only what is asked.. 1 guy answered Why MBA rather than Why Specialisation (Rejected, though there could be other reasons)…
    Then asked me why not have some workex b4 going for MBA? Answered decently (that’s what i felt as there was no counter Q)Then the M&M; guy made a statement “If all Engg do MBA what happens to technical talent in India” (he said we have 6 engg out of 7 here itself)
    Engg started defending giving same gyan and talking about analytical and logical skills and same stuff.. 1 gal had done Eco(honors) she was asked do you agree? The reply was pretty obvious.. But good thing the discussion almost ended after her answer so no more why engg and MBA?Then the same guy said do you’ll know Obama’s statements in last 1 to 1.5 years on dearth of talent in manufacturing sector and technical and R&D; talent in USA?? I had no clue about it and decided to be good listener as better not to speak than utter some random baseless stuff.. The discussion went for about 10 mins and in the end he told Thank You! We are done All The Best for your results!

    Now the results time.. They were out in about 15 mins.. Results of panel just before us (just 1 gal selected from 7 candidates )
    Really tensed at that point as i felt if that’s the case then it would be very difficult to get through.. (started thinking of selecting ‘GI1 eliminated’ poll option on PG )

    But the Adocmm member came with the list of students selected for GI2 from our panel.. And mine was the first name she read out
    Was very pleased to get through first hurdle…

    btw 5 out of 7 made it (2 freshers, 3 workex)
    Other Details: The panel didn’t grilled anyone.. infact they didn’t even counter questioned me on any of answers…

    Number of People: 8
    Time: 35 mins (started at around 4.20 4.25 PM)
    Tell me about yourself
    You are the PM of Greece, how will you address the nation in current crisis? (personal opinion)
    1 bad thing that your best friend would say to someone else without your knowledge
    if given an opportunity to choose a roommate at hostel at SPJIMR what 1 quality you would look for?
    1 good quality you liked of your boss/manager/prof?
    1 incident where you cried coz of some relationship?
    current cut-off is 11 pm to return back to hostel – choose 1 of 4
    1. full relaxation for boys & gals
    2. full restriction of 11 pm for boys & gals
    3. restriction for gals and not for boys
    4. little bit of relaxation but penalty for coming late
    And many such personal and introspective based question..

    Brief Snapshot of Discussion:2 prof, 1 was director of SPJIMR other head of OP’s (info thanks to seniors of Adcomm) They started the discussion by telling us that we just want to know you as a person and made it clear your intro should not be more than 45 secs.. Then he asked whether everyone is aware about Greece Crisis (1 gal was not aware so he just explained it in short) and asked us the Q i have mentioned and made it clear there is no proper solution to it as they just want to see how we respond to the situation more than anything else.. Similarly the interview went on with such personal Q’s and it reached a stage where i didn’t feel it was an i/v as the panel was so friendly and chilled out that it felt we were just talking about each other’s life experiences.. It ended too in a similar manner where few people had doubts abt DOCC and other events which the director clarified it..

    Other Details: All in all a great experience.. the panel didn’t grill anyone on answers they gave.. Personally, GI2 was way better than GI1 as i gave a better intro this time around and answered pretty well…

    Psychometric Test
    Begun at 1.40 PM
    Your experience of the test : Be honest and tick what comes to your mind first.. Don’t think a lot..
    Any suggestions for others : be Yourself.. Not only in the tests and GI’s.. Going with no preconceived notion would help you a great deal in doing well for i/v n psychometric test..
    No. of Questions & time given : 30 Questions and 10-12 mins..
    Anything else about the test : I was done with my test in about 8-9 mins…

    MISC/ Surprises(if any) – No GD, No Q’s on psychometric test in GI1 or GI2, No Q on profile sheet..

    Any other relevant detail – For final shortlist they would consider everything right from your admission form to profile sheet to acads to ECA to GI performances and whatever else you could think of.. results expected in 3rd or 4th week of March.. Info courtesy SPJIMR Adcomm..

    Next Stop New IIM’s Interview on 29th February!

    Verdict : Initially WL-29, converted it today


  • CALL Details – profile based call
    Specialization | Operations
    Delhi 15th Feb 10:00 AM slotAcads
    Undergrad Major 8.59/10(Engg.)Work-Ex 43 Months
    Sector Power/InfrastructureExam score (whichever is applicable)
    CAT %ile: 92.95GI-1
    3 members in panel: 2M 1F
    Number of People present:7 (3 fin,1 IM, 1 Marketing, 2 Ops-including me)
    Time: 45 mins
    tell me abt yourself??Panel members noting down the key achievements u say here n later on ask about them
    Why in that specialization to few people?
    Questions about my interest in stock market as I had mentioned that. Was asked the reason why the stock market climbed up suddenly last week. A guy was asked about his NGOs he had mentioned and another guy about his start up .
    Brief Snapshot of Discussion: Entire Group justified their choices and answered well…was a chilled panel.
    Other Details: 6 out of 7 got through. One fin guy eliminated.GI-2
    2 profs.( 1 M 1 F)
    Number of People present:7(3 Ops, 2 Fin, 1 Mktg, 1 IM)
    Time: one hour
    Questions: Everybody was asked what we knew of the 2nd round GI process.
    Tell something special about yourself other than your achievements in college n workex till date. While listening to us, they also were referring to our psychometric test responses.
    Then we had a small GD on Television advertisements should b completely banned due to 3 reasons. Firstly, they mislead the consumer. Secondly the quality of ads have gone down n thirdly they take a lot of airtime. Evry1 given a chance 2 speak.
    Then evry1 was asked about the unique hobby mentioned in the sheet given and the reason why each one of us had assigned the degree of the uniqueness.. Then sum people were asked to relate themselves to a character from Calvin n Hobbs n from Harry Potter series as they had mentioned they liked reading comics n books respectively. I was asked about photography ( why I felt it was unique),etc.
    Then we were asked to summarize ourselves in 1 word(they then gave a relaxation of 2 words) and after that based on this which animal each one represented.
    Other questions too. But this is what I can recollect.
    Brief Snapshot of Discussion: Here too the panel was relaxed n was great to interact with. Many a times I felt I was fumbling for words(don’t know y got nervous in GI 2). Seems difficult for me now as CAT score is also less.Psychometric Test
    Your experience of the test :
    Any suggestions for others : Be quick
    No. of Questions & time given : 30 and ten mins and 6 of them need to be explained in 1 or 2 sentences.


  • CALL Details : Specialization | Profile based call/Score based call: Marketing(score based call)Acads
    X:85 %
    Undergrad Major – GPA/%age: NIT Warangal :7.8Work-Ex
    NIL/Sector – Number of Years: Hewlett -Packard (20 monthsExam score (whichever is applicable)
    CAT %ile:98.95
    XAT %ile:99.3
    GMAT Score: AAny other special thing about u : decent extracurricular .National Olympiads ,quizzes ,elocution.GI-1
    Number of People present:7
    Time:Approx 40 mins
    Questions: Asked about adversity faced learnings from it.and did we make peace with god. Key takeaway from work place. Why mba?.Questions on ethics and values. Should item numbers be banned?. Finally we were asked about balanced score card.None of us knew the answer.Thats it very generic stuff. Talking sense and being confident is enough to get through the first GI. One girl was asked what would she do with 1 billion rupees she kept repeating that she will donate for social causes. I guess that was not taken well by the interviewer.Verdict:2 out of 7 were selected.(Including me).GI-2
    Number of People present:6
    Time:Approx one hr.
    Questions: Again generic questions like tell me about yourself ,why mba ,strengths and weakness in one word. A brief discussion on corruption in India. And a question on scenario of mba in India and globally. We all pitched in with our views but the interviewer was clearly not happy with our answers. This i believe could be a big detriment to the chances of people in our group.Psychometric Test
    Your experience of the test :10mins too less to finish. Scrambled answers. Some people were quizzed as to why they could not answer all the questions.


  • CALL Details : Finance | Profile based callAcads
    Undergrad Major – BBS finance 79%Work-Ex – 42 months. Derivatives trading and FMCGExam score (whichever is applicable)
    CAT %ile:97.1Any other special thing about u: passed all levels of CFAGI-1
    Number of People present:6 2F, 1 IM, remaining 3 M or operations
    Time:30 mins
    Questions: introduction, why sp jain (except any social reasons), hobbies and passion, why should we select u
    Brief Snapshot of Discussion: One of the guy was asked about his gaming venture details, one of the girls were asked about craft industries and details why she wants to join it , in details. One guy said his hobbies as eating out. He was asked to order one dish he likes the most etc. 3 out of 6 got selected for GI-2.GI-2
    Number of People present:7
    Time: 1 hour
    Questions: Your introduction (only culture and values), achievements, 2 cases which involved decisions which are either practically incorrect or socially incorrect. All were asked openly as against GI -1 where everyone was asked one by one. On the basis of responses on the case, We were also to generalize the same in one line.Other Details: try to put your point in concise mannerPsychometric Test
    Your experience of the test : average
    Any suggestions for others : be fast as 10 mins are too low a time
    No. of Questions & time given :30 and 10 mins


  • CALL Details : Specialization operationsScore based callWork-Ex : 31 monthsExam score (whichever is applicable)
    CAT %ile: 99.99
    XAT %ile:
    GMAT Score:Any other special thing about u:GI-1
    Number of People present: 7
    Time: 40-45 minsQuestions:1) Introduction2) questions related to what u said:3) general questions on things like team spirit, communication etc.GI-2
    Number of People present: 7
    Time: seemed quite less (arnd 25-30 mins at the max.)


    very general questions like:

    1) view on the dilemma a women faces today(career/family)
    2) how would you chose your roommate, if given 1 day with all the selected people
    3) are things like promotion, performance based incentives against team-spirit?
    4) what does “GOD” mean to you

    and some similar stuffs

    Other Details: was very short and didn’t get much time/opportunity to speak

    Psychometric Test : 10 min
    Your experience of the test : tricky but simple
    Any suggestions for others : be quick, don’t think much
    No. of Questions & time given : 30 ques + 1 or 2 sentences on 6 questions you chose to be asked on (we weren’t asked anything though)


  • CALL Details : Specialization-IM | Score based callAcads
    X: 81.6
    XII: 82.4
    Undergrad Major – GPA/%age 81.2Work-Ex
    IT sector 29 monthsExam score (whichever is applicable)
    CAT %ile: 92.26interview date : 14th febno of participants – 7(2 finance , 2 operations , 2 marketing , 1 IM (me))no. of members in panel : 3result – GI-1 eliminated.Initially all were given 2 mins for the introduction in which we were supposed to tell them key points of our profile.
    there was no GD or case study or any group related activity it was just like personal interviewafter that they were moving specialisation wise. First operations, then marketing, then finance, … then they asked anyone left …. i said i am left for IM.they asked very few questions from me as compared to others.

    they asked me what do you do in your company.
    do you think mba is required to be successful
    why 2 yr MBA … you can go for 1 yr MBA … or do Part-time MBA for working professionals.
    then questions about hobbies .

    the way they asked questions it sounded like they had already decided whom they want to select. they were just asking questions for formality.

    they just completely ignored me …what do they mean by anyone left.

    i don’t know what they are looking for in interviews… just keep cool, give proper introduction and highlight your key point in you introduction because rest of your interview will depend on it.


  • CALL Details : Specialization-Finance Profile based call
    X: 92.17(CBSE)
    XII: 89.5(State Board)
    Graduation: 76.21% (GRRIET-JNTU,Hyderabad)Work-Ex:IT sector 18 monthsExam score (whichever is applicable)
    CAT %ile: 97.21interview date : 12th febresult – GI-1 cleared.
    no of participants – 7(3 finance , 2 operations , 1 marketing , 1 IM)
    no. of members in panel : 3The interview started with the panelists asking us where we were from and how we commuted to bangalore and where we were staying.Then a round of introductions where we were asked to sell ourselves and tell the panel what difference we could make to SPJain.The interview went on for about 45 minutes. I hardly got to speak for 2.5 minutes. They cut me in between and asked me a few questions related to what i had just spoken on Kyoto Protocol and FDI in retail. Dint get to finish my prepared answer.There was another guy in finance who was asked to explain standard deviation. An IITian was grilled on his work experience. No questions on y MBA,y Finance/marketing/op/im.4 were selected. (2 Fin,1 mar,1 op)GI-2 (2 Finance,4 op,1 im)

    I really don’t know what happened here.
    2 member panel. duration-25-30 mins out of which the interviewer had spoken for about 15 minutes.
    All of us had no clue about what parameters they tested us on.
    The same panel had conducted a stress interview earlier and we walked in expecting the same.

    After a round of introductions.

    P1: So tell me, are u all innovative and creative?
    All: Absolutely sir!! i am the best u can get.

    P1: Wonderful!!! So let’s talk about Bollywood. Tell me what u know about Bollywood. And then he starts off…Bollywood only not tollywood,hollywood,kollywood….3 mins approx
    We: Sir Bollywood this. Bollywood that…employment, revenues etc..

    P1: For every point that was made he repeated the same.(don’t know y)
    P1: Are you willing to work in Bollywood????
    All: NO!!!!!!!!!
    Me: Yes Sir, if given the opportunity to work in the finance department of an entertainment house, i am open to working in Bollywood.

    Then abruptly, he moves on to ‘values’ and ‘ethics’
    P1: Okay…what do u understand by value…u have written so much about values…but be practical…what do u really think??? and something else which i don’t remember. But he definitely spoke for 2 mins.
    All spoke: No one was convincing enough. We blurted out something. Some spoke about how values should be same at home and in office and rules, guidelines etc…

    Then starts the obsession with the chocolate box.
    P1:I will give you two cases.
    Case1: You are a manager. A guy walks into your office and gives u a chocolate box appreciating the work u have done for him.
    Case2: You are again a manager. U demand a chocolate box for the work u have to do.
    result: Work done got your chocolate box, the customer is happy too

    Where do values and ethics come in here?

    Some discussion about what each of us thought.
    I was cut either by the guy next to me or by P1 each time i spoke.

    We walked out not knowing how to evaluate our performance.


  • GI SLOT: 14 Feb, 11 am, New DelhiReached the venue around 10.15. Was asked to register by showing the Cat/Xat scorecard and a photo id proof. Then we were taken for the psychometric test. 30 questions…..enough time to complete it if you don’t spend much time thinking. Have certain examples from your personal life to substantiate your choices ready.GI 1:
    We were a group of seven. Mostly people were with work ex, two freshers including me. Two people for marketing, 3-4 for finance and rest for operations.Our panel had three people. Two seemed like professors (man and a woman) and one really young lady (seemed an alumnus).We were all asked to introduce ourselves in a minute each. Then each one of us was asked questions specifically out of what we spoke. (The panel kept making notes while we were at it).They started with me. Asked me why after engineering I wanted to pursue marketing specifically. I told them about a market research project I had undertaken for internship. So the rest set of questions came directly out of that project. I explained what I did. They asked me about my findings and learnings. I told all that in detail. But then that was it. I didn’t get a chance to open my mouth again.The questions afterwards were directed specifically to other candidates with one or two odd questions like which all countries still have credit rating of AAA and the scene of Indian cricket team, being thrown open for everyone.Mostly everyone was asked to relate their present line of work with the specialization they chose. And those who were for finance were asked certain economy related questions – prediction for Sensex, diff b/w fdi and fii, examples of fixed cost and variable cost etc.5/7 people made it to the second round from my group – 1 fresher (finance), 1 fresher (marketing), 2 working (finance), 1 working operations (not sure).GI 2:
    We were asked to fill up a short form. All questions requiring a tick – family background, unusual hobby etc.
    Three of us from the first group ended up together. We were 4 girls and one boy.We were asked our general opinion about group interviews vs personal interviews.
    Then we were all asked to introduce ourselves in a somewhat different/interesting manner. Then they asked us to indulge in a discussion (5-7 minutes) among ourselves about abolishing exams in a bschool. We were asked to discuss and then finally give certain suggestions.

    Then each of us was asked what we did in our free time to relax. The guy in the group had mentioned an unusual hobby – so he was asked to elaborate.

    That was it! We were all pretty shocked at the abrupt ending

    Finally we had to submit the self-attested photocopies along with the score card. The whole procedure was over in 3-4 hours.

    So, i just want to say don’t get all stressed out about the interviews – as in my case there was not a single uneasy moment.
    All the Best!!!!

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