If You Start Preparing Now, Will It Be Possible To Get Through CAT 2016?

Will It Be Possible To Get Through CAT 2015?

There would be an undefined number of students who might be going through a dilemma. And that is if you can clear the CAT 2016.  Without any element of the whims and fancies, Cetking will answer yes, yes and yes! You have got it, if the time is managed constructively and the mind isn’t diverted – who can stop you from reaching the goal?

Examples from the past, are there any?

To elate your mood, might we discuss the CAT history? Well, actually there have been many students in the previous years who secured a fabulous CAT percentile with a three to four months of preparation. It’s just that, they gathered all their energy and engaged it in attaining one goal. Things worked out for them. And so can they for you.

How to prepare for quants in such a brief period?

IIM Ahmedabad might give a tough time to students regarding this section. But nevertheless, your planning strategy can overcome all the hurdles. Set a goal of leaving maximum six to seven questions. Dedicate the first month to the most important topics and then the next twenty to the comparatively less important ones. Do not forget to grasp the basics of all the subjects.

 How to prepare for verbals in such a brief period?

Solve as many comprehension questions as possible. Learn 10 new words daily to enhance vocabulary. And of course, read novels to gain more understanding. Then, compare the past performance with the one you delivered after thorough preparation. We are sure you would have improved a lot.

How to prepare for LR and DI in such a brief period?

Many students find this section extremely challenging. But few practices can change your mindset. For instance, read and work on several pie charts and Venn diagrams. You may refer to books and look for the tough questions. Try solving them and you will be pore confident about yourself.