Subjective questions in CAT – ParaJumbles with a twist

Subjective questions in CAT – ParaJumbles with a twist

ParaJumbles with a twist – Subjective questions in CAT.
ParaJumbles CAT question used to look tough but can be solved in a matter of seconds using options.


Traditional ParaJumbles
See if you can do one PJ question using options: (CAT 2001):

  1. Passivity is not, of course, universal.
  2. In areas where there are no lords or laws, or in frontier zones where all men go armed, the attitude of the peasantry may well be different.
  3. So indeed it may be on the fringe of the un-submissive.
  4. However, for most of the soil-bound peasants the problem is not whether to be normally passive or active, but when to pass from one state to another.
  5. This depends on an assessment of the political situation.
  1. EDAC     2. CDABE     3. EDBAC     4. ABCDE


It cannot get easier than this. Look at the personal pronoun “it” in sentence C: So indeed it may be on the fringe of the un-submissive. What is “it” here referring to? And it says that “it may be… un-submissive.” What can be un-submissive? It cannot be “political situation” (sentence E), “passivity” (sentence A), or “problem” (sentence D). Only “attitude” (sentence B) can be un-submissive. Therefore, BC is a link. The link BC is only present in option 4 and we need not look any further.


Subjective Questions

This year ParaJumbles might turn subjective so options cannot be used. Try following questions without options. And feel the difference.

Subjective CAT question 1:

  1. By the time he got to Linjeflug four years later, he had learned many lessons; in fact, he began his second stint as top dog by calling the entire company together in a hanger and asking for help, a far cry from his barking out commands just 48months back.
  2. At SAS, he arrived at a time crisis.
  3. This book is chock-a-block full of intrusive stories and practical advice, describing Carton’s activities at Vingresor (where he assumed his first presidency at age 32), Linjeflug, and SAS in particular.
  4. He began at Vingresor as an order giver, not a listener – neither to his people nor to his customers and made every mistake in the book.

Your answer: _______________

Subjective CAT solution 1: 3 will be the opening sentence because only 3 has noun (NAME) for he. 4 will come before 1 and 2. Hence 3412.


Subjective CAT question 2:

  1. The potential exchanges between the officials of IBBF and the Maharashtra Body-Building Association has all the trappings of a drama we are accustomed to.
  2. In the case of sports persons, there is room for some sympathy, but the apathy of the administrators, which has even led to sanctions from international bodies, is unpardonable.
  3. A case in the point is the hefty penalty of US $10,000 slapped on the Indian Body-Building Federation for not fulfilling its commitment for holding the Asian Championships in Mumbai in October.
  4. It is a matter of deep regret and concern that the sports administrators often cause more harm to the image of the country than sportsmen and sportswomen do through their dismal performances.

Your answer: _______________

Subjective CAT solution 2: Here sentence 3 is an example of sentence 4. So it will come after 4. So now only option B and C remain. Now go by ACRONYM Method IBBF in 1 and Indian Body-Building Federation in C. So C will come before A. Correct order DBCA..



Subjective CAT question 3:

  1. But in the industrial era destroying the enemy’s productive capacity means bombing the factories which are located in the cities.
  2. So in the agrarian era, if you need to destroy the enemy’s productive capacity, what you want to do is bum his fields, or if you’re really vicious, salt them.
  3. Now in the information era, destroying the enemy’s productive capacity means destroying the information infrastructure.
  4. How do you do battle with your enemy?
  5. The idea is to destroy the enemy’s productive capacity, and depending upon the economic foundation, that productive capacity is different in each caseF. With regard to defence, the purpose of the military is to defend the nation and be prepared to do battle with its enemy.

Your answer: _______________

Subjective CAT solution 3:

Look at the transition word “but” in the first sentence. It signifies that the sentence is expressing an idea contrary to an idea expressed in some previous sentence. Now we need to find that previous sentence. If we further look at the beginning of the first sentence, it says “but in the industrial era…” which suggests that the contrariness is with respect to eras.

Looking further, we see that sentence B and C are also starting with statement about eras. But the transition word at the start of C is “now” which expresses present era and hence it cannot chronologically come before any other past era. That is, if information era is the present era, talk about any other era will come before this. So sentence B is the correct sentence to come before the first sentence.

Likewise, sentence C is the correct sentence to come after the first sentence (sentence C is continuing the idea). Therefore, we have the link BAC.

Similarly The sentence F states that “The purpose is…to battle with the enemy” and D questions “how do you battle with the enemy?” Therefore, D will come after F. Followed by E. Hence FDEBAC is the correct arrangement.

All the best

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