[tabgroup title=”Cetking Toppers”]
[tab title=”CAT Toppers”]
Cetking excellent results for CAT this year:
256 Final IIM Converts
650 plus IIM Calls

IIMA – 32 calls
IIMB – 36 calls
IIMC – 25 calls
IIML – 42 calls
IIMK – 40 calls
IIMS – 19 calls

Shashank Chorge – 99.99%ile in CAT
Mayank Agrawal – 99.98%ile in CAT
Tanuj Madan – 99.96%ile in CAT
abhinav agrawal – 99.90%ile in CAT
Mallikarjun Reddy – 99.89%ile in CAT
Shashank Shekhar – 99.87%ile in CAT
Goutham Kandregul – 99.87%ile in CAT

[tab title=”CMAT Toppers”]
Best results for CMAT with 21 ranks among top 100 ranks
Including Rank 4, 6, 7, 11, 13, 15, 21, 25…

Cetking Top scorers in CMAT:
Vinay 351
Siddharth 346
Zunzar 342
Omkar Parab 338
Kunal Deshpande 333
Harsh Khandelwal 330
Aviral 330
Anirudh Batra 330
Agraj Shah 330
Sanjeev Singh 328
Abhishek Rathi 328
Shrishil Chaudhary 326
Kunal Deshmukh 325
akshaymattu 325
Akshay Deshmukh 325
Ashish Singh 323
Amit Tyro 323
vineet ranade 321
Rohan Sharma 321
Siddarth Chowdhary 320
Kishor Patil 320

[tab title=”XAT Toppers”]
Cetking toppers in XAT Exam
Ishan Jha – 99.24%ile
Siya Godara – 99.6%ile
Anshuman Khosla – 99.93%ile

[testimonial_left name=”Anshuman Khosla” company=”XAT 99.93%ile”]Cetking is with you till the end thats what I liked[/testimonial_left]

[tab title=”NMAT Results”]

Cetking NMAT Toppers
Ramika Kapoor – 263
Aviral Aggrawal – 260
Khitij Patel – 248
Zunzar S – 232
Soumitra Bengeri – 226
Siya godara – 223
Abhijeet Singh – 223
Ishan Jha – 221
Raunak Kapoor – 220

[testimonial_left name=”Aviral Aggrawal” company=”NMAT 260, IIFT 66, CMAT Rank 25″]Joining Cetking was best decision for me for planning and hardwork[/testimonial_left]

[tab title=”SNAP results”]
Supreet Lakhotia – 99.92
Ankur Singh – 99.917
Ishan Jha – 99.7
Kadamati V Santhoshkumar – 99.57
Kshitij Vasisth – 99.55
priyanka jain – 99.23
Sayantan Ghosh Dostidar – 99.6
Soumitra Bengeri – 99.3


Success stories Our Results:

Student Speak about our workshops

  • “Workshop gave me a clear cut idea as to where we stand and how much we have to put in and what to chuck out.” – Kiran, JBIMS
  • “Sufficiently filled the gap left by coaching institutes” – Sumit, IIM-A
  • “Workshop provided me extraaaa edge over other students” – Rohit, IIM-I,L, K
  • “I missed your workshop last year! Thanks for the help.” – Bhumi, IIM-B,C
  • “They had passion for teaching” – Chirag, NMIMS
  • “Made life simpler with teaching what not to do..” – Priya, JBIMS, SPJain
  • “They did not let go / forget about the goal ie ‘MBA Seat’ as a result speed of teaching and understanding was good” – Rahul, JBIMS, NITIE
  • “Made me realize my Strength and Weaknesses” – Suhas, IIT Bombay, Delhi, Kgp
  • “Clarity of thought, no nonsense and very exam oriented approach” – Preeti, KJ Somaiya, MICA
  • “Practical, Applicable and Commonsense approach to Entrance exams” – Garima IIFT, NMIMS
  • “Workshop gave me confidence to crack MBA exams” – Satish, JBIMS
  • “Types, traps suggested for every topic werce very good, very basic and simple approach to all type of questions” – Murli, JBIMS
  • “Open ended discussion and ease of explaining new concepts.” – Suman – IIM-A.B,K,L,I, SPJain, IIT-Bombay
  • “Session on Permutation & Combination had very good shortcuts which were not covered anywhere else.” – Tarun, JBIMS
  • “Attitude of faculty and research done on exams” – Abhi, IIM-K, I
  • “Thanks for co-coordinating such a wonderful session for us. I assure you a great success of ours as a feedback of this session” – Ash, IIM-L,C
  • “I would give 6 out of 5 for Quant, have never attended great session like this” – Gautam, IIFT, MDI
  • “Everything was fine, just as I wanted” – Rahul, IIM-I, K
  • “A valuable gift to achieve success” – Rishi, JBIMS, MDI, MICA
  • “Overall you guys were great.. cheers” – Minal, JBIMS
  • “The topic were covered by institutes but strategies and tricks were really different and helpful” – Aarti, IIM-A, K, I
  • “It would have been great if I would have attended last year only… I could have saved one year” – Suraj, Welingkar, IISc
  • “I was already scoring 130 and was doubtful what these people will give me. But dude it was good” – Rohit, JBIMS
  • “It was worth coming from pune” – Sanjay, IIM-A, C
  • “Hope to be your junior in JBIMS this year…” – Keerti, MICA, GIFT
  • “Strategies should be given in hard copies for last minute brushup” – Shruti, JBIMS, IIFT
  • “DI faculty rocks!” – Minika, IIM-L, C, K
  • “Strategies, approach, motivation and shortuts they have it all” – Vinod, JBIMS
  • “My attitude about exams changed from ‘Can I do it?’ to ‘I will do it!” – Ashutosh, ISB, Thunderbird USA
  • “In these days, I learnt a lot of things and strategies which will help me. Thanks for the encouragement you forwarded to me” – Mandar, IIFT, IIT-Delhi

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