All you want about Sydenham SIMSREE
Colleges in the similar league: IMT, NITIE, NMIMS and IIT Delhi.

Sydenham Institute of Management Studies, Research and Entrepreneurship Education (SIMSREE) is one among the premier management institutes of the country, under the University of Mumbai.

MMS and PGDM both admissions combined through CAP rounds by DTE. Exams accepted by DTE are CET for maharashtra students and CAT XAT ATMA MAT for OMS students. No separate application needed to the college.
MMS – Masters of Management Studies: SIMSREE offers the Masters of Management Studies (MMS) course, a Two Year Full -Time post graduate degree course affiliated to the University of Mumbai. The program is conducted under the directions of the University of Mumbai with specializations offered in the areas of Finance, Marketing, Operations, Systems and HR.
PGDBM – Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management: SIMSREE offers a Two Year Full -Time Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management (PGDBM) course approved by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), New Delhi. This is the only fully autonomous management programme offered by the Government of Maharashtra and run at SIMSREE.

SIMSREE select candidates based on Maharashtra MBA-CET score or CAT,XAT,CMAT,MAT,ATMA score.
Mumbai Open 99.6
Mumbai SC 96.66
Mumbai ST 87.8
Mumbai OBC 98.10
Mumbai NT 86
Maharashtra Open 99.72
Maharashtra SC 97.88
Maharashtra ST 90.8
Maharashtra OBC 99.16
Maharashtra NT 86
All India/Outside 99.90

Highest Salary: Rs.15 lacs p.a.
Average Salary: Rs.10 lacs p.a.
The top recruiters for the year 2015 included Godrej & Boyce, JP Morgan Chase, Cognizant Business Consulting, Citi Bank, ICICI Bank, CRISIL, Google, Religare, Bosch, Samsung, ABD, and Mahindra & Mahindra Automotive. 111 companies participated in the placement season in 2015.
FEES: Annual tuition fee at the SIMSREE Mumbai is as low as Rs.69000/- .
FISCUS: The Finance cell of (SIMSREE) organizes the Finance Summit FISCUS. The aim of FISCUS is to bring together students and finance stalwarts on a common platform to discuss a vital issue in the field of finance. The students come away with a lot of knowledge from their interaction with stalwarts in the finance world.
USHER: It is a marketing event where students learn about 4 Ps of marketing.
E – WEEK: The E-Week ensures that all students get an opportunity to learn from great entrepreneurs and their successes during the E-Week. Also, the students host competitions to participate in and show off their entrepreneurship skills.
SIMERGENCE: SIM’ergence is the flagship corporate event of SIMSREE. SIM’ergence, is meant to bring about an interaction between management students and corporates. The event comprises of experts from different fields giving their views on the topic. There are panel discussions where esteemed personalities from various fields and industries explore the topic and have discussion on current issues. Students are encouraged to ask questions which help them gain insights from the rich experience of the panellists.
SIMERATIONS:SIMERATIONS is a flagship event of SIMSREE, brings 3 fun-filled days into the life of management students. There’s music, there’re games, there’s mania and a whole lot of enjoyment. The events range from Management to Cultural to Sports to Literary events.
HOUSE CUP: It is an Intra-College Sports event comprising competitions. The various sports included are Chess, Carrom, Pool, Volleyball, Cricket, Badminton, Tug of War, Relay and Table Tennis.
Mr. H. P. Ranina-Supreme Court Advocate and Tax Consultant, Board of Directors (RBI),Mr. Sandeep Gokhale-President at JSW Steel Ltd, Mr. R. Venkatesh- Director, Trident Marketing,Mr. Umesh Dhand -GM – Merchandising at Aditya Birla Retail Ltd, Mr. Soumesh Roy-HR Director, BPCL.
Abhay Lonkar-Director – Marketing & Sales Abbott Healthcare Solutions, Ashwini Kapila-Director Barclays Capital,Dr. Alka Nishar-Founder Director Hexaware Technologies, Arun Malkani-CMO & Sr. VP Birla Sun Life Insurance, Alroy Lobo-Chief Strategist & Global Head Equities Asset Management Kotak Mahindra Asset Management Company, Amit Madhan-COO- IT & E-services Thomas Cook.

Note: Earlier sydenham used to have gdpi now now.
Sydenham GDPI Experiences

  • Experience 1

Let me tell u in detail about the GD
two topics
1.“Is US justified in declaring was against Iraq”
2.“Is United Nation Helping in Peace Process”
we were a group of 13 people , The Invigilator had clearly told us there are marks for giving other opportunity to speak, Every 1 had consensus on 1st topic
so 5 mins were given to jot down our points.
I stared the GD “Wars are never helpful , they are destructive history have proved this….”
then people contributed well for 10 mins
Suddenly Invigilator told us to stop and the guy who was last in the left was told 2 speak and all of us to keep quiet, he even told us that we need to respect others and give them opportunity , i had my share spoke for 3-4 mins in the whole GD for 5-6 times …That’s it
PI :
Two ladies , The best people on the earth , they had put me at ease rite from the start , they did not ask me anything related to my work ex..or academic…
1st Question : “Tell me about yourself”
Spoke for 1min about the what I had prepared.
2nd Question: “what do u think about cleanliness”
Cleanliness is next 2 godliness.. Very imp..
3rd Question: “what should be done according 2 u to impove condition of india”
The Human resources available should be utilized properly by imparting Education and character to them.
and then it went very well.

  • Experience 2

Had my GD/PI session today in Sydenham
it was good
the topic was
1. Advertisement is waste of resources
2. Privatization will lead to lesser corruption
we selected 1st topic
pi was also good
do prepare your TY subjects means if u r commerce student study about your favourite subject very well.
what u did for 1 yr if u have taken gap after your graduation
what is management
why u want to do management
that’s it.. b relax n calm.. the people who r taking pi r very cool n calm.. don’t try to show off then they will grill u in it…so best of luck… do well… don’t take any tension

  • Experience 3

I had my Sydenham GDPI  on 27th may 2007. Gd was ok but pi was absolutely fantastic.
The topics for GD were:
1. Making money out of satisfying customers is the fundamental objective of any business organization.
2. Decisions are like new year resolutions – easy to make them but very difficult to fulfill them.
All the 15 of us were present in the GD(surprising). Initially i couldn’t contribute much but then we all started giving points. it was a very healthy GD with no fish markets. everyone contributed. I also jumped into the GD giving at least 4 5 points. since there were 1`5 people the scope of people speaking individually was very less as we had been given 15 minutes on the while to complete the GD. at the end of the GD, the evaluators asked us to summarize the GD. I started off with few others also summarizing a pat of it.
The pi was fantastic. The evaluators were very nice people. They make you comfortable and do not ask questions that actually gill you. But they make sure that your knowledge has a wider base. That is to say, the questions that are asked in the pi vary from the business community to politics to environmental degradation and so on. the questions that are asked are a mixed bag of fact and general questions?????
1. Tell me something about yourself, the kind of person you are.
2. Tell me why should you be given a seat in MMS.
3. What do you think the Indian govt should do to globalize ???
4. Chief Minister of Rajasthan state.
5. Agricultural minister of India
6. President of the BCCI.
7. Chief and deputy chief of planning commission.
all in all a good Gd/pi

  • Experience 4

My Sydenham GDPI Experience……… here r d topics…
1.Public sector is more of hindrance then a health 2 promote socialism
2.We can increase our food production not only 2 match our population explosion but also 4 export provided v adopt modern mechanized farming methods with large sized land holdings
for PI..thy were asking d general q’s that we fill in d form…
they dint ask me anything from that paper…only introduce yourself…
then 3 qs on academics…and 3 qs::::
1 what u think bout Shilpa-Gere controversy?
2 what u think bout Chandra Mohan (painting) controversy?
3. Do u feel strongly bout anything that should b changed or should b looked after?
all in all a cool GD/PI experience.. jus chill

  • Experience 5

I was given a form which I was supposed to fill & show the same to interviewer. We had to mention application ID, roll no, academic records, family background, extra-curricular activities & few very general questions. Soon i was called for GD.
We were 12 people for the GD sitting on chairs arranged in U shape. We were given 2 topics. We selected ‘Is Globalization really necessary for India?‘ as our topic. The GD lasted 15 min i guess. In between judges intervened & asked any 1 of us to continue. In the end we were asked to summarize GD.
Then we moved for PI. The time for PI could vary anything between 5 to 15 mins. Questions also vary from interviewer to interviewer. The questions could be HR questions or the questions mentioned in the form or anything else. There were 2 interviewer.
As I entered in the cabin, one person asked me about my engineering College.I was also asked to elaborate the answers I wrote in the form.
In the end I took a stamp on my admit card.
some tips:
1) Reach the venue 30-40 min b4 actual schedule.
2) Have a pen paper with u.
3) don’t let ur mobile ring in between.
Good luck to u all.

  • Experience 6

Hi friends my GD/PI was in sydenham
GD topics: should doctors be tried in consumer courts?
Abortion n Euthanasia: morally correct or not??? (Discussed)
The faculty is very nice they make u feel very comfortable. They give the chance to everyone in GD who is not able to speak. GD lasted hardly 7 minutes.
PI the faculty was again very nice. They asked quite a bit on academics. Me a commerce graduate. No current affairs. Only a few questions from the questionnaire. Commerce students better b prepared with the academics….All The Best!!!!

  • Experience 7

1)should water resources be nationalized(obviously not a single soul chose tht)
2)Environment-Whose responsibility?—chosen
GD was a fish market with 3 interventions n 1 warning of disqualification…nice topic but people got a little stuck up on same issues
I made 4-5 entries concluded and gave new 3 pts…happy about that.
Pi was unexpectedly simple questions:
1)tell me at yourself?
2) Why mba?
3) What is today’s headline?
4) Five women chief ministers?
5) What is the relation between Mahatma Gandhi n Indira Gandhi?
6) Would u like 2 enter d education sector after mba?(I used 2 teach previously)
7)n a few questions about the significant event.
And there was a lot of time pass n a few jokes n laughs as well…but d faculty was very friendly.

  • Experience 8

Hi Friends , I had my GD/PI today at sydhnem 8:8-45 batch.. Kind of 1st day 1st show
Let me tell u in detail about the GD

two topics

1.”Is US justified in declaring was against Iraq”
2.”Is United Nation Helping in Peace Process

A group of 13 people , The Invigilator has clearly told us there are marks for giving other opportunity to speak, bt y the hell will listen 2 him .!!! Every 1 had consensus on 1st topic
so 5 mins were given to jott down our points.

As i generally do in other mock gds ..i stared the GD “Wars are never helpful , they are destructive history have proved this…..BLA BLA BLA”

then people contributed well for 10 mins

Suddenly Invigilator told us to stop and the guy who was last in the left was told 2 speak and all of us to keep quite , i thought that was the worst of it , he even told us that we need to respect others and give them oppotunity , i had my share spoke for 3-4 mins in the whole GD for 5-6 times …Thats it …was quite decent in that terms bt only GOD Knows what will happen..


Room “C”

Two ladies , 1 was old arnd 60+ other was 45+
The best people on the earth , they had put me at ease rite from the start , they did not ask me anything related to my work ex..or academaic…
1st Quetsion : “Tell me abt urself”
Spoke for 1min abt the commercial i had prepared.
2nd Quetsion : “what do u think about cleaniness”
Cleanliness is next 2 godliness.. very imp..n BLA BLA
3rd Question : “what should be done according 2 u to impove condition of india”
The Humam resources available shoul be utlized properly by imparting Education and character to them.
4th Quesion : How much did u get in CET
Ans : 122
Wow that nice…

and then it went very guys if u have 2 ladies of such age u will rock ur PI

as far as the Work Ex is concerned. I has my Certificate from I-flex still the teh lady is not listed ..i kept my cool and said yes it is listed then she sent it to the director ,
and i met wid the director..he again asked me for 5 mins..details of my comany n all…man
so much of fuss for 1 marks ( thought it is imp)
Finally i came out the col hapily

ATB tou guys…any info pls PM Me

  • Experience 9

Moi GD/PI was at Sydenham and the whole procedure took almost 1 hr. 30 mins. You need to take your hall ticket, a notepad and a pen. Also, you would be given a form to be filled regarding academics,extra-curricular activities and two most important Q’s :

1) One significant event in the last decade and 2) What should be done to make India a global power.

Do prepare them thoroughly i.e try and get to know its history, latest developments and whether any repercussions of the same was seen on the economy etc.

Topics for GD:

1) Will market reforms enrich which states further,while poorer ones lack further!!

2) Steal a few lacks and you’re a criminal, steal a few hundred crores and you become industrialist.

Majority of us opted for the 1st topic and clear instructions given by the examiner NO fish market. The GD went on for the scheduled 15 mins. All aspirants were given a chance to speak and those who did participate in the GD or not were asked to summarize on the topic. The discussion revolved around SEZ’z, MNC’s, Tata-Corus bid and the group did come up with solutions for the same which was appreciated by the panel.

After this you would be given your Interview Room No. and DO NOT forget to sign the PI sheet once you are done with the interview. I had just 2 panel members and a PI of almost 25 mins. Few of the Q’s asked were:

1) On which subject did you research on in your TYBMS? (Niche marketing in Rural India)
2) What is niche marketing? What kind of methodology did you adopt for the same and what does your research say??
3) You’ve mentioned you have participated in some kind of management competition that was to test your entrepreneurial abilities/skills? What is it all about?

The discussion went on for almost 10 mins. The methodology, the difference between my hypothesis and execution of moi business plan, SWOT analysis of the same etc. But I was enjoying it

4) One significant event ..well I mentioned the India-China FTA agreement which hardly had any impact made on the economy ..but the panel was pretty convinced when I updated them about its history, latest developments and how it could prove useful to India.

Moi PI revolved around these 4 Q’s mainly and at the end of it was just asked moi choice of colleges and future plans after an MBA. That’s it!!

To sum-up pretty decent GD/PI and just hoping for the best

  • Experience 10

Good Evening All !!!!

just came from my Sydenham GDPI……….. it was a very fast process.
GD topic: 1) Mall culture will kill small retailers
2) Aggr. marketing causing trouble to customers

choose 1st one………. 10 ppl ……did quite fairly but not d best one…. 2-3 ppl did better than me…
abt 20 mins given……. talked abt reduced prices due to elimination of middle man & better transportation n supply chain. rural India also is targetted, increasing network of malls…………etc. etc.

PI: it was like “How r, khana khake gana ha……..” (hansa from Khichadi) just like talking with friends, very casual…..
asked abt ….why Mech (me BE Mech)…. why MBA….. what r traits of successful manager…..
if a ceiling fan makes noise…what will u do, oiling or take it out n apply grease…
whats ur objective………… thank you……. thats it…. finished in 10 mins.

  • Experience 11

gdpi date: 23 rd may
time : 9.30 am
venue : sydenham college , mumbai

had a panel of 3 , 2 elderly ppl plus 1 yung women , 1 man seemed short temprd , the othr talkd in such a manner tht no1 cud mak out wht he ws sayin. we were offrd the choice of 2 topics
1) cn india afford 2 mov from agriculture to service n industry
2) supply creates its own demand

evry1 choose the 1st one…….
i startd the gd by sayin lets c hw much each sector contributes to the gdp
servic 60% industry n manufactr 20% agri 20 %
to this 1 person immediately cut me n sd , i wud lk to correct u agri is 8%??????? (whr did he get this frm)……n the judges seemed lk agreeing with him….whn i ws about to correct anothr person startd sayin som othr pt………inspite of thm cuttin me the panelist lookkd at 2 of us…… maintain som discipline
i made som pts in the gd like
1) composition of gdp
2) 60% of population depends on agri so u cnt ignore it
3) last decade ind hs made soo much progress but its been only for a small section for r population, for evry1 to enjoy u ned to focus on agri
4) ind being an agrigarian country import wheat now
5) we nd project like echoupal n grameen bank for agri

othr ppl were constantly bickering bout bpos kpos…………1 person sd tht since service sector provieds lot of profit we shud focus only on it, othr went to extent of sayin tht thr is no cultivable land left in india
judges stoopped 4 of us aftr 5-8 min…n askd othr to speak……..( i got really scared)
aftr 5 min again we were allowd to spk…….does it hav a neg impact??
i sd 2 times……….freinds lets get the whole group involved
and once i askd a question to the grp especialy to the ppl who wernt participating

thn panelist aftr 15 mins ask a gal to summarize……..n tht ws the end

frnds do u think the judges wud kno the real stats nthe fact tht i ws right tht guy ws wrong?????

then went for pi
it ws cool askd me bout
1) hw ws gd………i sd i ws dissapoitd with my grp………told thm my stand….thy were impressd
2) ma’am askd me bout reservation
3) acads
4) othr calls
5) extra curri
6) india superpower frm the form
went well but i am scared bout my gd……..
wht u think bout this???
hey guys hd my gdpi in law coll fantastic.the topics for gd were
-artistic freedom should be limited(present controversy in view)
-pvt. universities should be opened.(10 min)–didnt give any time to think and jot down points though it ws ok with me.
there ws a group of seven and i seriously wanted the first topic to be discussed bt 5 out them went fr the 2nd one.i contributed the most valuable points in gd where as another girl also discussed those points,also took care of body language.i dont know what others were trying to say.some didnt speak much and some were speaking jst fr the heck of doin dat.i encouraged others to speak who were nt really gettin in the gd.gave gud examples of both pvt and govt universities,lot of positives and negetives of both.maintained a balanced fish mrkt.i think me and that girl r gonna score the max.hoping….
then came the PI
small room divided by curtains.3 interviews being conducted by diffrent panels in that room.had a long pi fo bout 1/2 an hour.a panel of two.both of them were nice to me.1 ws around 30 to 35(p1) nd another one ws aged(p2)
p1-(asked me fr my form nd call letter.hd a luk at it nd then gv it to p2 to read.then started askin me questions)
-introduce yourself
-what is essential fr leadership(as i ws the head girl of my school nd ws quite n active student thoughout)
-what specialisation.(ans-hr)
-then a lot of questions on hr.gv me a lot of cases in organisations nd asked questions(like employees participation in management,union related questions,hr policies.labour laws etc etc)
-what is multidimensional management
-where does india stand in the current hr rankin in the world
-who is amratya sen(ans-economist)
-is take of mr n.r. narayanmurthy(i said infosys-nodded yes).is his take on his employees right.categorize it as the best,excellent,average,poor.
-who is ur role model
-where do u see urself 5 yrs down the line
-which kind of business u ll enter into
-how will mba prog help u
-what will u do after mba
-hw will u develop ur job
-then india globalisatin question
-having people like well known scientist the president,well known economist(amratya sen),and a finance person like manmohan singh why is india progressin slow.
-(last question)what all sports were u into.
Overall a great interview coz i answered all the questions really well(leavin 1 on india’s ranking).used a lot of examples to explain my jst hopin to gt gud mrks….all the best to all who’s interviews r left(answer confidently and relax..its gonna be cool)

  • Experience 12

Had my gdpi on 20th at sydenham. gd horrible,pi decently ohk. sydenham makes you search ur company in economic times to see if they are listed or not,in case they dont find it.I dont hav wrkex so didnt matter but they made other ppl do dat.
Probably beacuse of it being a sunday all 12 in my group were present.
GD:topics were 1)On the technology front,India is a sleeping giant.
2)Disinvestment as a method to solve public sector problem is like killing the patient to get rid of the disease(damn long topic,had to repeat 4 times to get the topic)
I personally wanted the second topic as i felt ther wud b much more to discuss,but unfortunately ppl went 4 da first..almost 9 ppl wer in favour of first topic.
so we went wid da first topic n god it was a complete fish market,mayb dat wud hav been quieter than us!evry1 in my grp wanted to speak and wanted to do so at once.every one in my group was a good speaker who had smthng to speak.unfortunately in tryin to put across the points der was a verbal slanging match.
we wer warned twice by the panel.we wer literally stopped and warned and even after second warning wen fish market continued they started arbitratring the gd..they decided who would speak next.I just managed to enter the gd once (.n somehow never came in the eyes of the panel so didnt get a chance den.som persons even went to the height of raising their hands to the panel to get the attention of the panel to speak.
And to top all dis, i felt we did not hav a meaningful gd at all..wat we managed to decide n agree upon was dat India was not a sleeping giant,it was but it is progressing quite well now..u cud say dat was da crux of da whole gd.
Maybe I am wrong,mayb i am not good enough..but dis is wat i felt.
It was horrible for me,expectin less than avg marks mayb 6-8.
A very strange pi.i think mayb they were getting late for lunch,so my interview hardly lasted 7-10 mins.
P1:1st panelist who did bulk of da tlakin n i swear im not kidding but i felt he had quitea resemblance to boman irani of munnabhai mbbs,his style of talkin was also quite similar.
P2:Totally disintersted second panelist, who had slid down halfway in da chair n jus kept on yawning in da whole pi.
P2: (lookin in my form)wat is pvppcoe?{dat was da short form of name of my coll,he managed to jumble it up}
M:Sir,its da name of my coll
P2:wat does it mean
M:Explained it to him
[dat was da exit cue for P1,never opened his mouth again.] P1:Where is it?
M:told him..was confused for sm time but he suddenly got it.
P2looked thru my profile,passed it to p1
p1:why do you htink reservation row is the most significant event for India in the last decade?
M :did sm blah blah
p1:so was the ninth schedule from before or was it introuduced recently?
m :Sir,it was from before.
p1:who introduced it?
m :Sir,if i remember correctly it was initiated by jawaharlal nehru.
p1:correct.n which was the first law to b put in it?
m :Sorry sir,I dont know
p1:It was land acquisition act.
m : ohk.
p1:so wat does ur father do?
m :told him.
p1:YOu are very amiable,I agree(had written dat as a strength)
m:was confused how to respond,managed a Thank You.
P1:U havnt written ur weaknesses?
sayin dis he passed back da form to p2
m : (startled)Sir,i have compalcency n..
p1:My dear dat is not a weakness
m:I said it was n gav him sm crap explanation(didnt enquire further)
p1;are u a very religious person(pointing to my forehead,actually had visited temple in da morning n had left a mark)
m :sir not religious,but i do go 2 temple regularly
p1:so wat do u pray?
m:{was stunned initially}managed to mumble sm bullshit.
p1: hk fine
i was so shocked didnt even mange a thank you sir!no temme smthng abt urself,no y mba,no acads,nowrkex,no cunterquestions,totally bizzare pi.i still feel dey threw me out early cos dey wer getin late for lunch cos hardly da moment i stepped out,den both of dem wer out,hope dey wrote my marks![ ] neways overall expecting less den 10 in gd n arnd 14 in pi,which has dashed my hopes of jb..lets c wat happens.
those of who hav their centre as sydenham,most of the faculty i heard is cool,no stress interview as fact sm1 got questions lik wats da relation betn mahatma gandhi n sonia gandhi,which movies u see?,which restaurant u go to?etc.
One more thing that I came to know is that the panelists are not from the coll but are sent by the dte.
ALL THE best to rest of the ppl for Sydenham GDPI ,be cool be calm.

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