Complete syllabus for CAT 2016 exam

This is the very important question to ask when one starts preparing for CAT. No need to panic because here we have full details on CAT syllabus for you including all the marks distribution , topics with sectional cutoffs. CAT 2016 New Paper Pattern CAT does not carries any predefined syllabus, however past records suggests[…]

6 months to CAT exam

[bold_title]6 months to CAT 2014[/bold_title] [bold_title]Strategic 6 months to CAT 2014[/bold_title] CAT 2013 Paper Pattern: There are two sections. The first section is Quantitative Ability & Data Interpretation and second section is Verbal Ability & Logical Reasoning. The duration of the exam is 140 minutes. Each section is separately timed (70 minutes) with 30 questions.[…]

Paragraph completion for cat and cmat

Attend free workshop on verbal and CAT prep Register here: Download handouts to Paragraph Completion questions Download handout 1 with 50 must do Paragraph Completion questions Download handout 2 with Paragraph Completion questions 3. Paragraph Completion advance shortcuts handout by cetking Introduction to Paragraph Completion questions One set of questions in CAT verbal includes paragraph[…]