Things MBA CET coaching classes dont know

Things MBA CET coaching classes dont know

Important MBA CET topics which even most of the coaching classes dont know
How would expect a student to top the exam when even their coaching classes are not aware of what is coming and what is not coming in MBA CET exam. Here’s few of the topics most of the students and their coaching classes are not aware of:

3. Probable Starters

Sentence Synthesis or Probable starter questions are coming for 5 marks in CET for last 5 years. Most of the coaching classes are not even aware of this topic… We have given below 2 sample questions on the topic. For Cetking students we will be uploading 50 questions and shortcut workshops to crack them. Details about these type of questions is here with video and a handout to download:

2. Parallel Reasoning

Parallel Reasoning questions started coming in CET in 2012. They experimented with one question in 2012 and 2 in 2014 based on Parallel Reasoning. This topic is not known to most of the students as this is fairly new topic in CET. Download the handout of type of questions coming in the exam here:

1. Quant
ask anyone and they will say quant is 50 marks in the cet exam but most of them dont know that quant is only 15 marks in the cwt paper rest is all DI and DS.
overall 50 marks for quant section
Quant 15
DI 20
DS 10
DC 5
so good news for non engineers that your most dreaded area quant is only 15 marks..

more coming soon…

download cet 2016 paper to know all differences together cet 2016 paper

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