New type vocab questions expected in CET IBPS PO

New type vocab questions expected in CET IBPSAll Cetking books mocks and shortcuts are updated as per new paper pattern shown below.
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Type 1

In the following questions a word/phrase is given followed by five alternatives. Select the alternative that conveys the same meaning OR opposite meaning as the word/phrase given.

(a) childlike
(b) sturdy
(c) brisk
(d) light-hearted
(e) Jovial
(1) A and B, (2) A and D, (3) B and E, (4) A and E, (5)D and E

2. Pensive
(a) oppressed
(b) meditative
(c) thoughtful
(d) happy
(e) contemplative
(1) B and C, (2) B,C and E (3) C and E (4) C only, (5) B,D and E

3. Reverie
(a) pelimpsest
(b) phantom
(c) daydream
(d) curio
(e) fantasy
(1) All the above, (2) Only C, (3) A and E, (4) C and E, (5) A,C and E


Type 2

For each of the words given below, a contextual usage is provided. From the alternatives given, pick the word that is the most inappropriate as a substitute in the given context and mark its number as your answer.

Q1. Zany: The film succeeded in spite of a zany plot.
(a) bizarre
(b) weak
(c) weird
(d) ludicrous
(e) peculiar

Q2. Adjunct: A healthy diet as an adjunct to a regular exercise regimen helps one enjoy good health.
(a) supplement
(b) add on
(c) compliment
(d) accessory
(e) complement

S1. Ans.(b) Sol. ‘Zany’ means amusingly unconventional or idiosyncratic, hence it can mean peculiar, bizarre (strange), weird (uncanny), ludicrous (absurd, ridiculous) but not weak (lacking strength).

S2. Ans.(c) Sol. ‘Adjunct’ means additional or supplementary, hence can mean complement, supplement, add on and accessory (something added) but not compliment (expression of praise). (None:- complement means a thing that enhances or improves).

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