Want a better CAT exam preparation? Go to sleep!

Want a better CAT exam preparation? Go to sleep!

Want a better CAT exam preparation? Go to sleep!

Today’s post is about certain things that are never paid attention to and often ignored by all of us while we’re preparing for exams like CAT 2015. There are a few things that people pay no attention to while they are getting ready for competitions. These are chopped off of our routines to be replaced with more and more time for studies. It isn’t a wrong thing to study all day long but find a corner and some considerable space for some things that are essential to refresh your exhausted brain.

Thought these points have been discussed by many experts and have become kind of clichéd but they are of immeasurable importance. Look for yourself.

1. Get a good amount of sleep
Compromising your sleeping hours for studying is a very wrong thing that people subject themselves to. Your brain if deprived of the sleep it needs doesn’t recover from the whole day’s fatigue of studying and gives up on concentration. After really long hours of studying, without any sleep at all you tend to not retain things that you studied.

Always remember that if you’re worn out mentally you lose your concentration and tend to think slowly and make silly mistakes. So bear in mind, that you give yourself a break for sure. Also it’s seen that sleeping helps making things you studied into concrete and discrete maps. Thus helping you retain the whole of it for a really long time. So make sure to reward your brain some sleep.

2. Physical Activities
Sports, Running your errands, household work, taking a walk in the park outside, jogging, swimming all these and many other form a crucial part of your mental health. These recharge you in a way that you never pay heed to, yet the results are astonishing. Try not to condense the time for these in order to study. Make it a point to get them into your routine and devote some time to these.

Always give yourself some perks or rewards for getting that practice test awesomely or for completing that section thoroughly. Give yourself a day’s off or if not a day then at least a few hours or so, this way you encourage yourself for keeping up with the good work that you’ve done.

Don’t let CAT make you a loner rather let it make you a better and a smarter person. Enjoy the phase of your studies and use it to the fullest. Learn to balance between work and enjoyment.

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