All those who had their GDPI at Welingkar’s post your experiences here:

Venue: Welingkar
Time : 5-6pm.
I reached there 1hr before i.e. 4.00pm along with my mom as it helps me to keep my cool.

was there in the waiting room for 1hr so had ample of time to fill the form(as I was ready with all the answers asked in the form) …Thanks to Guys…!!! it took 10min to fill it in neat n clean way.
then came GD. pin point at 5.00 they called us in the GD room.
3 oldies already sitting in.
Group Discussion
GD Topic :
1. Should the government set up more IITs, IIMs or should it use the money for primary & secondary education.
2. The Age of Information

Its SO obviously we all selected 1st topic.
It wasn’t a fish market but yes market to tha……
I mean we were 3 people in the group who set then down every time.(I was among the 3 hehee…)
Overall GD was good.

Personal Interview
P1 n P2 both in 60s I guess(A huge class room with full A/c)
It was freaking cold inside I asked them to turn off the A/c first. they were kind enough to do that for me.

P2: Feeling cold haaan..!!!
Me: Yes I cant bare A/c for a long time not more than 1/2 n hr.
P2: You should have brought a sweater along with it.
Me: Gave a sweet smile 🙂
P1: OK….Tell me about yourself ?
Me: ready with the answer. blah…blah
P2: U have written in the profile that u have innovative nature. Give some e.g. where u think u used your innovative nature?
Me: Gave the ans though was surprised n confused what to answers. Coz my Job is quite innovative so that helped me.
P1: The most significant event….? Explain why ?
Me : was ready with the whole story n was expecting them to ask me.(Very happy they did)
P1: Good
P2: U have written that u want to do MBA coz U want to Join your Bro’s Business. Asked me the business Plan.
Me : Again ready the whole concept.
P1: Smiled at me sweetly and said excellent concept.
P2: OK thanks. All the Best.
Me : Thank u sir.
……. At last Gd/Pi was over.
Venue: Welingkar
time: 12 pm, 31st may
Batch 14
cet score:118
Group Discussion
For the gd, the participants are seated in a semicircle. Three old men were judging us. They seemed to be in a good mood.
I had the same 2 topics as above
1. Impact of economic reforms in India has been that rich have become richer and poor poorer.
2. Animals shouldn’t be used for testing medicines and drugs.
We voted 8-5 for the 1st topic. I voted for 2nd one.

I didn’t start. I talked second. I must’ve spoken around 6-7 times in the 15 minute gd, didn’t speak much, only a sentence or two each time, but I thought it was relevant(NREGA, services accounting for 57% of GDP and agriculture 27%). Some things went tangential to the topic like call centers  reservation and brain drain and were talked at length. One more thing I realized later was that we were all trying to find a problem to solve(e.g., awareness among rural people) whereas the topic didn’t require any such thing.
The three judges interrupted at around 8-9 minutes to let the people who had not spoken much.
Was a civilized GD, more because no one could really have known in detail about the topic.
And oh yeah, I was shivering due to the AC admit! Had a hard time managing that.

Personal Interview
PI was taken by one old guy, probably >60 and another young.

OG asked about y I that my significant event was significant. I told.
Saw that I had done IT engg. YG was quick to ask me IT minister of Maharashtra and India. I din know.
Why MBA and not MTech?
I talked sum thing about broadening my scope. The YG was counter questioning even as I finished giving my reply. Eventually, they asked me what aim I had in life, if I had thought what I wanted to do.. and I said no. LOL! But I said right now I want to do an MBA.
After that they asked if I read anything else.. I said I used to read Ruskin bond and Sherlock Holmes. He asked me to narrate a Ruskin bond story. Where does he write from? More about Sherlock Holmes and his arch enemy, proof. Moriarty. The OG seemed to have read Sherlock Holmes.
Final qn was who is vice president of India. I didn’t know that.
So not a very good pi. I was only defending myself throughout.
Had my Welingkar GDPI today
time: 4 pm to 5 pm.

out of 15 only 9 were present.
Group Discussion
GD topics:
1. Software professionals have no social life (discussed)
2. Globalization is responsible for recession.

Gd was good. everyone spoke. no fish market. but after a certain time people started repeating points. Gd lasted only for 15mins.

Personal Interview
For PI two panelists were there. both in their 50’s.
I think they were the coolest panelists.
made me feel so comfortable.
dint feel like somebody was taking my interview.
felt like was having a conversation with a friend.

as soon as I entered they asked me the meaning of my name.
when I told, they gave their sweetest smile.
has I had a gap of two years after my graduation asked me what I did for these to yrs (had absolutely expected this).
gave them the reason… were convinced.

told them I had volunteered for teaching and counselling at a local NGO, asked me what I do there, how I manage things, and whether my counselling has made any difference in their lives?

asked what I do in my free time?
said I read, paint…
what kind of reading?
novels mostly fiction.
do u read newspapers?
yes, everyday.
give names of 5 cabinet ministers from Maharashtra along with their portfolios.
gave 4 names. dint know the 5th one. they gave me his name.
what is this time’s five year plan?
dint know the answer…
since when is the five year plan started.
on what basis does the govt make this plan?
gave the points.
asked difference between growth and development.
gave the difference with e.g….. they were happy

as I had mentioned about retail mgmt in my profile.
they asked which college I was aiming for?
after certain period of time they started counselling me. told me which colleges I should go for. what should I do , how should I select colleges?

NO tell about yourself.
NO significant event.
NOTHING from the profile.
few questions from politics, thts it!!!
PI over.
had never imagined that the pi would be so good.
all 15mins went smiling.
Venue: Welingkar Matunga

Group Discussion
actual GD process started at 14:25 next 2-3 minutes was few points to remember while GD like no fish market ,and all. then they asked us to introduce ourselves out 14 1 was absent so they asked us not to keep that chair unoccupied but to shift to next chair so that the group will look cohesive then 2 topics were given they were…
GD topics
1 – why India cannot become a global player in industries as it is in software
2 – I have never learnt anything in my life from a person who agrees with me..(chosen)

though it was a statement which has 2 b accepted as the way it was but we started taking a stand as 2 if it is acceptable or not it went on for 15 to 17 mins after every 5 mins they gave something called as wake up call to those who were keeping mum. panel consisted of 3 gentlemen one senior member and other 2 middle aged members when GD was over they reminded us about the misinterpretation of the topic but thankfully none of the candidates argued on those lines. we left GD room at about 15:15hrs
Personal Interview
mine was 2nd number I entered the room
P1 young member
P2 senior member
they asked questions given in the profile sheet. Asked me something on environment like what to do about global warming as manager which ministry in state or in centre looks after this my interest in teaching field etc it went on foe about 10 mins
so this is it. my GD-PI experience. hope it helps u.
Venue : Welingkar
Time : 4 pm to 5 pm

Reached there at 3 30 and I had already prepared the answers for the Candidate Profile form so filled it quite fast. Thx to guys. Though had to fill it twice (one for each PI panellist)

Group Discussion
we war taken to the GD Room exactly at 4.

GD Topics :
1) Govt should follow balanced budget norms
2) Money and not knowledge gives you name and fame in life

Gd was normal. No Fish Market. It lasted for around 20 mins and then immediately we were taken to the PI room.
Personal Interview
There war 2 guys in the Panel (around 50s):

Questions asked war like
Why MBA?
What’s the most imp asset of a manager?
Significant Event in Indian History
Do u read current affairs?
Asked me 6-7 ministry names (I couldn’t answer one – Commerce Minister)…He said I m asking this question since morning to every1….no1 has answered yet

PI took around 7-8 mins.
Surprises : No work ex related question nor education background.
Only the current affairs and the Profile Form Related questions.
All the best to other guys whose Welingkar GDPI is left. Make sure u back up whatever u have written in the Profile Form. Lots of questions on that.

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