Work On Your Weak Points – CAT Topper, Saransh Shah

 CAT Topper, Saransh Shah
CAT Topper, Saransh Shah

The suggestions by toppers always inspire the applicants. However, you need not just feel inspired but very fortunate to have discovered the absolute piece of advice. Take the recommendations by toppers as a text mentioned in the Holy Bible.

Saransh Shah is a proud student at one of the top management institutions of the country now. We summarized one of his interviews to throw light on how the pattern of your preparation should go!

– Be curious to change and hungry to learn: Many times the toppers are benefitted with their diverse background. They happen to know a lot regarding several domains. Thus, it is advisable for you to gain as many diverse experiences (professional and academic) as possible. These experiences help in inculcating various qualities as well as informing about the numerous areas. From leadership qualities to the knowledge and communication skills – everything matters.

– Challenge yourself: The very thought of thinking about the capability of fellow candidates can freak you out. So, don’t pay any heed to something that demotivates you. Instead, with a great deal of focus, think, think and think more about how you can improve yourself. You may prepare a weekly report on how far you have improved yourself. It will keep you in an optimistic mood.

– Shuffle the sections while taking mock tests: You never know which section is introduced first. Take as many mock tests as possible. Besides, try beginning with different sections in each – so as to strengthen the opening time in CAT. At times, if we are introduced with a segment which we would otherwise prefer to solve in the last; it largely affects our overall score too. So, let this factor not hinder your way to success.

– Be prepared about the PI: From the knowledge of current affairs to your hobbies and professional expertise, you could be asked anything in the personal interview. Read newspapers daily, regularly watch debates on news channels. Hope, you already have some worth telling hobbies. If not try developing some which could also be an added advantage to your PI. For instance, good knowledge of share market may help.

– Prioritize the weakness: Practice makes a man perfect. If you are intimidated by quants or verbal ability, work upon it. Push the limits so that the weakness gets converted into the strength. And, CAT this year is going to put an overall stress on versatility. So ideally the candidate has to perform decent in each section. Improving your weaknesses might take time but it is one of the inevitable keys to scoring well in CAT.