Written Ability essay Social Media

Written Ability essay Social Media

Written Ability essay Social Media:


Social Media is a waste of time

Social Media has become a widely used source of communication and is more popular than any other means of communication. It is changing the ways to present the people’s views and responses as well as the means of interaction in the society. The tools of social media i.e. Face book, Twitter, MySpace, SMS, Website etc. have become and may even grow more powerful in future with the lapse of time.

Means of Social Media, although allure people due to their convenience of being able to connect with others all over the world, remain unprotected and numbers of youngsters waste their time on sharing not so useful information on it. The time spent on social media could have been used for some better and creative work and social welfare. It is also making people physically weak as well as refraining them from going out and face the challenges.

Social media sites are instrumental in making it more difficult to distinguish between the meaningful relationships we foster in the real world. By focusing so much of our time and psychic energy on these less meaningful relationships, our most important connections will weaken and the warmth of relations will gradually be lost.

The problems created by these sites are much more prevalent than their advantages because they give malicious people the ability to create more danger among the millions of internet users. Information that is posted on the internet by people who believe it only to be viewable among their friends often find that they have unintentionally shared personal facts with hundreds of people, some of whom plan to use the same against them.

It is not easy to avoid the advancement of computer technology which has given tremendous rise to means of communication to many platforms. New templates of communications have been created between person to person, person to mass media, and vice versa. It may be called a good servant to use but bad master to command you.

It is a fact that the social networking sites need to have strong preventive measures from misusing them. At present only two main forms of prevention against harassment and illegal activities on social media sites are users making an agreement to abide by the terms of service upon making an account and being able to report a problem when they feel it is necessary. However, it is hardly enough to make people feel safe and secure when browsing through and utilizing social media sites. Social media sites need to take more responsibility over the protection of their users.

Written Ability essay Social Media

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