XAT GK preparation 2016

XAT GK preparation 2016

XAT GK preparation
How to prepare for General Awareness section of XAT 2016!

First of all, Are you even aware of the fact that “You Should not underestimate the General
Awareness Section in your XAT GK preparation” in any of the circumstances because it requires no Einstein IQ to get a command over this section and it hardly takes 10 seconds, Yes, 10 seconds to judge whether you are going to answer that particular question. Because after your ability to solve, the most important thing which matters is your selection criteria. What questions to attempt or what to leave in order to focus on the rest!

General Awareness in XAT is such a dynamic area that you cannot limit your preparation for a particular time frame or stop preparing after the end of the exam. It is an area, whose preparation is continuous and unending. No matter how much you prepare, it seems there is still lot to be prepared for this particular area. If you are an MBA aspirant, appearing for the major MBA entrance exams, preparing GK is a must to crack these exams.

Lets take a XAT GK questions test to know where you stand in XAT GK 2016
00 – 05 correct – Poor score
05 – 10 correct – Average score
10 – 15 correct – Good Score
15 plus correct – Excellent

1. In budget 2015-16 speech, the Finance Minister has announced the year __________ will be AmrutMahotsav.
a. 2019
b. 2021
c. 2020
d. 2022

2. Michael Spiczko is related to which sports?
a. Tennis
b. Kabbadi
c. Hockey
d. Wrestiling

3. Smart Humsafar a unique insurance cover for husband amd wife has been launched by…….
a. LIC of India
b. Bajaj Allianz
c. ICICI Lombard
d. SBI Life Insurance

4. World Vegetarian Day is observed annualy on…..
a. 29 August
b. 5 September
c. 2 October
d. 1 October

5. What is the name of world’s first electric aircraft which has successfully completed its maiden voyage, recently?
a.Flying Fan
b. E-Fan
c. Spark

6. The newest country in the world is –
a. Palau
b. Kosovo
c. East Trimor
d. South Sudan

7. GV Iyer’s AdiShankracharya was the first film in which language?
a. English
b. Kannada
c. Sanskrit

8. Vehicles made by which Indian company led the salute to the President of India on Republic day every year for forty eight years?
b.Hindustan Motors
c.Mahindra& Mahindra
d.Ashok Leyland

9. Who among the following persons won 2015 Italian Grand Prix of Formula One?
a.Felipe Massa
b.Sebastian Vettel
d.Lewis Hamilton

10. What is the capital of Seychelles?
b.Port Louis

11. Sajjangarh Biological Park is located in….

12. SiddarthaGigoo won the 2015 Commonwealth Short Story Prize for Asia region for which of the following stories?
a. The Lives of Others
b. Indiscoverable Destiny
c. Umbrella Man
d. My Life

13. Dhakma is the place for disposal of the dead of which community in India?
a. hindu
b. muslim
c. sikh
d. parsi

14. Gadaffi Stadium is located in …..

15. PM NarendraModi has announced which of the following places as the spiritual capital?
a. Bodhgaya

16.Which of the following naval forces will be the part of KONKAN 2015 exercise apart from Indian Navy?
a. Royal Navy
b.US Navy
c.Russian Navy
d.Chinese Navy

17.Who among the following persons has been selected for the prestigious 2014 National Humanities Medal of White House?
a.Thomas Roe
b.Arundhati Roy
d.Evan Barros

18.The Lowland is a book authored by whom among the following?
b.Shobha De
d.Anita Desai

19.Ezra cup is given for which of the following sports?
a. Horse Racing
b. Golf
c. Polo
d. Rowing

20.Who broke SouravGanguly’s record of fastest 8000 ODI runs?
a.Steve Smith
c.AB de Villiers
d.MS Dhoni

21.The Digital Village Project was launched in Gujarat by
a. State Bank of India
b. ICICI Bank
c. HDFC Bank
d. Axis Bank

22.Vishaka guidelines are concerned with …
a.Labour class
b. Sexual harassment
c. Health services
d. Higher Education

23. Gandhi presided the Indian National Congress session only once. Where was the session held?
a. Madras
b. Calcutta
c. Belgaum

24. Who was the first Muslim president of Indian National Congress?
a.SirSaiyad Ahmad khan
c.Muhammad Ali Zinnah

25. Which is the most common chemical used in cloud seeding?
a.Potassium bromide
b.Silver iodide
c.Potassium chloride
d.Magnesium iodide

1 d
2 b
3 d
4 d
5 b
6 d
7 c
8 c
9 d
10 c
11 c
12 c
13 d
14 d
15 a
16 a
17 c
18 c
19 c
20 c
21 b
22 b
23 c
24 b
25 c

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