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“I started my prep in February did not join any classes but I enrolled in CETking mock program it was really good program with 20 online mocks and sectional test and prepared accordingly.
“strategy planning is very important when you appear for any entrance.” 
One of the videos in which Rav sir advised to leave the questions which is taking time helped me a lot and I followed that. Overall CETking online material and mocks guided a lot.” 

Divya Biyani

165 marks in CET18 99%iler AIR RANK 1

“I started my journey with CETking classroom program.  CETking supported me a lot.  I studied 8 hrs.incetking reading room and prepared for CET.  RAV sir videos gave lot of motivation.  CETking faculties supported me.  Workshops all over the Mumbai management campuses was really good.  Overall CETking helped and supported me a lot

Hemant Soni

99.91%ile in CET 18

“I have joined cetking for classroom program and it gave me a positive attitude.  Classroom program and mocks helped me to prepare accordingly.  Rav sir and Ashish sir mentored me appropriately.”

Kunal Amrutsagar

Cracked TISS CET

Being classroom student got lot of support overall.  Strategy of all exams through online and classroom workshops helped me and I knew what I have to do clearly through RAV sir lectures & workshops.”

Tejal Killekar

SNAP 99.95%ile (SIBM convert) CET 99.93%ile and NMAT convert

“Tips and tricks given by RAV sir is very motivational and helped me throughout.”

Amit Dhatrak

CET 99.98%ile and 10 new IIM calls

“Online full length mock program helped me and sectional test helped to make strategies.”

Ameya Joshi

CET 2018 99.99iler

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What Our Students Say

An excellent course to help prepare for the Exams. I personally struggled with math, but both the verbal and quantitative sections were equally stressed and taught well. Rav Sir is an excellent teacher and always explained new concepts clearly. He also took time to answer any questions.
Tejal killekar
SNAP 99.95%iler CET 99.93%iler
I undertook the Shortcut workshops course with Cetking, It was brilliant, positive throughout with a particularly daunting exam. This and Cetking's resources were vital in enabling me to get 100%ile in CAT. Thank you so much.
Neha Manglik
CAT 100%iler XAT 100%iler
Rav Sir is an excellent teacher. His professional style reflected his passion for the topic and encouraged a collaborative classroom atmosphere. I don't remember a time when I've felt so excited to go to class. Repeatedly having my mind blown by his proofs and stories will always be a fond memory. I am very grateful for his
Sagar Kakad
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