6 months to CAT exam

[bold_title]6 months to CAT 2014[/bold_title]

[bold_title]Strategic 6 months to CAT 2014[/bold_title]

CAT 2013 Paper Pattern: There are two sections. The first section is Quantitative Ability & Data Interpretation and second section is Verbal Ability & Logical Reasoning. The duration of the exam is 140 minutes. Each section is separately timed (70 minutes) with 30 questions. CAT 2013 was from 16 October to 11 November.

Tentative window for CAT 2014 exam will be Mid Oct to 10th Nov.

10 things to do now for CAT 2014-
1- Make a study plan long term for the 6 months (given in video above) and Short term (this month plan)
2- Focus on Quant – Start working on easy and tough parts of quant at the same time.
3- Cetking Books – phase 1 and 2 for CAT
4- Focus on Verbal main topic RC – If you find RC as your weak area, I would recommend reading ‘How to Read Faster and Better’ by Norman Lewis. (This is available at Amazon).
5- Online forums- CAT dream team-https://www.facebook.com/groups/CATdreamteam/
6- It is best to maintain a journal. Keeps a track of what you did and what you need to do.
7- Luckily the time frame available is good enough so 2-3 hours every week day an 3-4 hour week end and any day off serves as the best study plan.
8- Sleep – Nothing can compensate for your sleep. 7-8 hour sleep a day is a must.
9- The best place to be updated is to check blogs or forums and know how others are preparing.
10- Have a reliable preparation source.

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