Weak Weakening Argument Verbal Reasoning

Weak Weakening Argument Verbal Reasoning

3 Step approach by Cetking
1) Identify the argument’s conclusion.
2) Find the (weakness) assumption.
3) Pick the choice that best fixes

Weak Weakening Argument Verbal Reasoning Question 1
Dietician: A kiwi contains twice as much vitamin C as an orange does. Nevertheless, those seeking to get their daily dose of Vitamin C from fruits do not need to replace oranges with kiwis in their diet.

A. Oranges also contain several other vitamins that are beneficial to human health.
B. In certain regions, kiwis might be harder to obtain than oranges.
C. Unlike that derived from oranges, Vitamin C from kiwis is easier for a human body to process.
D. An orange contains a necessary daily dose of Vitamin C.
E. Neither a kiwi nor an orange provides a sufficient daily dose of vitamin C.

Answer C

Question 2 Weak Weakening Argument Verbal Reasoning
Acme brand aspirin claims to be the best headache relief available on the market today. To prove this claim, Acme called 10 people and asked them their thoughts on headache relief products. All 10 of them stated that they unequivocally use Acme brand aspirin on a regular basis and that they believe it to be the best headache relief available on the market today.

Which of the following would most weaken this argument?
1 Acme brand aspirin is highly addictive.
2 The 10 people called were spouses of Acme employees.
3 Most people choose to suffer silently through their headaches and take no medicines whatsoever.
4 The 10 people called own stock in a competing company.
5 The 10 people were selected at random.

Answer 2

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